Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) - Hospitality & Tourism

What will students do in a hospitality and tourism major study? 

A bundle of nine Grade 11 and Grade 12 credits in which students earn:

shsm diploma

  •  Four hospitality and tourism major credits (check our Department tab under Hospitality
  • Three compulsory credits, one English creditone math credit and one credit of either science, geography (tourism) or business studies tailored to include units focused on hospitality and tourism
  • Two cooperative education credits to gain workplace experience that enables students to refine, extend and practice sector-specific knowledge and skills (also available; 3 cooperative education credits and 4 cooperative education credits) preferably in grade 12 semester 2.
  • Experiential learning, career exploration and reach ahead activities within the sector (field trips)
  • 6 free certifications and training programs/courses in first aid, CPRhazardous materials (WHMIS)customer service, basic tourism service and food handlers certification
  • Essential skills and work habits required in the sector.


What are the future career paths for a hospitality and tourism major?
For hospitality and tourism majors, possible careers include:

  • Apprenticeship – butcher, baker, cook, chef, cheese maker, fishmonger, special events coordinator
  • College – cook, baker, chef, recipe developer, food writer, food photographer/stylist, agriculture, food service manager, kitchen designer, sommelier, culinary tour guide; sports/fitness trainer; sports manager; coaching.
  • University – nutritionist, dietician, biotechnology researcher, food sciences, health inspector, hotel/resort manager.
  • Workplace – crop farmer, hotel customer services, bartending, waitstaff, food distribution services, grocery store services, caterer, cook, baker.



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Hand in to:

  • Ms Arima in Hospitality Department (room 154)
  • Ms Pavlic Trias in Guidance

Co-op Student's Hospitality SHSM Promotional Video