Course Selection 2022-2023

Course Selection 2022-2023

Course Selection 2022-23

Course selection for the 2023-24 school year will begin in February 2023, at the start of semester 1.  A Course Selection Calendar will be provided to students and parents/guardians closer to the course selection month.  Building and maintaining strong relationships with our school community is a priority as we want to ensure that parents/guardians are well informed about their student's learning and in turn, able to support in their learning and well-being.  Feedback from the school community is always welcomed. THe Northview Guidance department will hold a Course Selection Parent/Guardian information evening on Wednesday January 25, 2023 from 6-7pm, via zoom.  More information regarding this event will be communicated closer to the event date.  

MyBlueprint and Individual Pathway Planning

In addition to choosing courses on MyBlueprint (, students must complete their Individual Pathways Plans (IPP). The IPP survey questions allow students to discover the answers to 4 key questions:

  • Who Am I?
  • What Are My Opportunities?
  • What Do I Want To Become?
  • What Are My Plans To Achieve My Goals?

Parents are also able to create an account!  Click on link below for more information:


Below are amazing videos to help familiarize students and parents/guardians with the wonderful departments at our school.  




Guidance Course Selection Student Support Page

In order to access this webpage
students need to be log in with their TDSB credentials.



Course Selection Parent/Guardian and Student
Information Evening Slides


The Arts
Assistant Curriculum Leader:  P .Tuzi
Office Number: 141
Telephone Number: 416 395 3290
Extension: 20144

Business Studies
 Mr. D. Oppenheimer
Office Number: 129.5
Telephone Number: 416 395 3290
Extension: 20105

Canadian and World Studies
 A. O'Brien
Office Number: History Office (room 211)
Telephone Number: 416 395 3290
Extension: 20134
Email: Athena.O'

Computer Studies
ACL: Mr. D. Oppenheimer
Office Number: 363
Telephone Number: 416 395 3290 
Extension : 20115

Co-op & Career Studies
ACL: Natalie Fimis
Office: CO-OP Office
Telephone Number: 416-395-3290
Extension: 20048

English and Literacy
CL: L. Martinez
Office: English Office, Room 214
Telephone Number: 416-395-3290
Extension: 20090

English as a Second Language (ESL) 
ACL: F. Gecolea
Office: ESL Office
Telephone Number: 416-395-3290
Extension Number: 20091

Geography, Humanities and Social Studies
ACL: N. Brand
Office: History office (first floor) 
Telephone Number: 416-395-3290
Extension Number: 20085

Health and Physical Education
ACL: A. Yeung
Office: Boys Phys Ed Office 
Telephone Number: 416-395-3290
Extension Number: 20030

Mathematics and Numeracy
CL: T. Lee
Office: Math Office (opposite Room 325)
Telephone Number: 416-395-3290
Extension Number: 20080

Modern Languages
ACL: F. Gecolea
Office: Modern Office
Telephone Number: 416-395-3290
Extension Number: 20130

ACL NameDaniel Chan, Alan Tang
Office: Science Office (second floor)
Telephone Number: 416-395-3290
Extension: 20095


Intensive Support Program (ISP)
Message for Parents/Guardians

Course selection for students in our Intensive Support Programs (ISP) will take place throughout February. Families will be supported through individualized meetings with Sarah Hammond, Curriculum Leader of Special Education and Catherine Allison, Assistant Curriculum Leader of Student Success.
An information email will be sent to parents/guardians on February 8th detailing how to book their individual appointments.
Booking will take place during the week of February 8 - 12th.
Family meetings will be held during the weeks of February 15 - 26th.
If you have any questions, please contact either of us.
We look forward to working with you.
Catherine Allison, Assistant Curriculum Leader of Student Success:
Sarah Hammond, Curriculum Leader of Special Education:

Special Education
CL Name: Sarah Hammond
Office: FOS
Telephone Number: 416-395-3290
Extension: 20136



Technological Education
CL Name: Martha Arima
Office: Culinary Office
Telephone Number: 416-395-3290
Extension: 20070


Honours Math, Science and Technology (HMST) and Innovative Studies

HMST course packages are pre-set, and indicated on the course selection sheet. More info can be found at

ACL Name: Susan Tsin
Office: Math Office
Telephone Number: 416-395-3290
Extension: 20080


Cyber Arts and Communications Technology
ACL Name: Martyn Simpson
Office: 141
Telephone Number: 416-395-3290
Extension: 20144


Specialized High Skills Major Programs

Creative Arts
Contact:  Martyn Simpson

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
Contact:  David Oppenheimer

Hospitality and Tourism
Contact:  Martha Arima