Thistletown Collegiate Institute (TCI) is a safe and caring school dedicated to student success. Our longstanding tradition of academic excellence and rich co-curricular programs make TCI a very rewarding place of learning. We honour all pathways and provide great opportunities for all students to prepare for university, college, apprenticeship and the world of work. In addition to a very strong core program, we offer our students terrific opportunities in the Arts, Physical Education, Co-operative Education and Technology including Specialist High Skills Majors in Hospitality & Tourism (Food) and  Arts & Culture  (Dance, Drama, Music and Visual Arts). Many of our graduates go on to post-secondary institutions with prestigious awards and scholarships.


Holiday Lunch

On Thursday Dec 14th, TCI hosted our annual Holiday Lunch. 





Meeting the Education Minister

Thistletown CI students and Principal Greenaway had the opportunity to meet Education Minister Mitzie Hunter and hear her message about the upcoming changes to the Ontario Curriculum in order to meet the needs of our youth today.  In particular, the students were excited to hear that there will be more emphasis on the experiential learning piece, and opportunities to learn how to learn.  They realized that focusing on certain skills, such as communication, collaboration, problem solving, innovation,  and creativity, is so important, in order to  adapt and be flexible (transferable) in an ever changing world.  They are hoping that the government and schools will provide additional support, in terms of experiential learning opportunities, for all students.  It was also refreshing to hear that academics are important in their learning, but that there is also a focus on well being and equity.  In addition, they had an opportunity to network with a few other students from Toronto and Ottawa, and gain some insight about the Minister’s Advisory Council – as student voice matters!  The message that students’ voices matter made them feel great and optimistic that people are listening.





Grade 9 Info Night - Wed. Nov 29th

Gr 8 night


Join us on Wednesday November 29th for our Grade 8 Info Night!


Post Secondary Fair-Tues.Nov. 14


Entrepreneurial Boot Camp

Last week four TCI students participated in the H2i Hatch Innovation project from University of Toronto in an Engineering / Entrepreneurial Boot Camp.  Our students were fantastic and represented TCI as model students.  Tommy Gou, Keyosha Johnson,  Aaliaya Penn and John Mohammed were mixed with students from other schools.  They really enjoyed the experience as they created and pitched to a panel of seven judges from U of T and industry their product ideas at the end of the four days.  
It was exciting and Experiential Education at its best.  
Tommy Gou and his team of four split the Grand Prize for best product with a cash reward ($1500) for their innovative healthcare product.  Keyosha Johnson won honourable mention with a Transportation product.  
Congratulations to all our participating students for a job well done!

The Big Crunch

 "Do you want a free apple product?"
Well For the month of October all period 2 classes got a free apple product! Ms.Susnik' s leadership class hosted The Great Big Crunch.  We all took a bite of a Delicious apple and promoted healthy eating. In addition to that, the class raised over 100 dollars for victims affected by hurricane Irma.
The Big Crunch

2017 Waterloo Math Contest Results.

TCI Math Department is proud to announce the 2017 Waterloo Math Contest Results.

The Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing (CEMC University of Waterloo):

  • Gives Certificates of Distinction for the top 25% of  all contestants and
  • A Medal is awarded to the top student in the school in each contest.

15 grade 9 students from TCI participated in the Waterloo Math Contest.

Out of 15, 6 students got the Certificate of Distinction.

We congratulate the following Certificate of Distinction and Medal Award winners.


StUDENT Name               Score out of 150 (Minimum Required Score for Distiction: 112)

Jay       Mistry                                      126

Jesse    Zhang                                      118

Owais  Malik                                       117

Shaili   Kapadia                                   114

Aisha   Saeed                                      112

Subhan Mirpour                                  112

ADIB SHAHID from grade 11 got the Certificate of Distinction. He scored 109 out 150. (Minimum required score is 104).


STUDENT                 GRADE                     CONTEST                 SCORE/ (Minimum Score Required for the Medal)

Sara Shah                       9                               Pascal                          109      (99)

Steve Le                        10                              Cayley                         96        (91)

Awais Shah                   11                              Fermat                         103      (92)     

Congratulations Winners!!!


Math Contest

DNA Workshop

On Feb. 27, 2017, students from Mrs. Mangat’s 12 University Biology class participated in a half-day long DNA Biotechnology Workshop at Thistletown. This workshop was organized in collaboration with Let’s Talk Science and facilitated by volunteer students from York University. Through this lab students learned about the structure of DNA and molecular biology techniques such as, Polymerase chain reaction, Gel Electrophoresis and DNA finger printing. Students extracted DNA from bananas and strawberries. They learned to prepare gels for gel electrophoresis and also learned to use micropipettes. Students also got an opportunity to load gels using micropipettes. The real-world applications of these molecular biology techniques were also discussed 

Canada's 150 Anniversary Celebrations at TCI

A number of activities were organized by the Environmental Club at Thistletown to celebrate Canada’s 150 Anniversary. The first part of these celebrations that began in November 2016 was dedicated to remembering, commemorating, and paying tribute to the fallen Canadian Soldiers through a number of activities.  Tulip bulbs were planted in school’s vegetable garden and funds were raised to support “The Living Tribute” initiative of “Highway of Heroes” through events such as Samosa Sale, Hot Chocolate Sale, and selling leaves for the symbolic Tribute Tree that was posted in the front foyer.

Students also participated in a “Reflections” activity in their homeroom classes through which they had a chance to express their understanding of “Freedom and what Canada stands for”, “Highway of Heroes”, and “Living Tribute”.

A school-wide contest with the theme “My Favorite Canadian Place” was also organized.  The objective of this contest was to showcase one’s understanding of their Favorite Canadian Place through Art, Poetry, Essay, Video, Presentation, etc.





Way to go Scots!

The junior boys' volleyball team participated in the annual Martingrove Junior Boys' volleyball tournament on Friday October, 20th. In an exciting day of volleyball the team played 14 games and finished 3rd place overall.  The team is congratulated for their sportsmanship, determination and drive during the tournament.  The Junior boys' finished 2nd place in the regular season and will face Lakeshore C. I.   on Thursday, November 2nd in the 1/4 finals. 

Way to go Scots!