Welcome to Business Studies at Woburn C.I.

Business activity affects the daily lives of all Canadians as they work, spend, save, and invest. Young people need to understand how business functions, the opportunities it generates and the skills it requires. In addition, financial literacy continues to be an important topic for our youth. Whether students eventually work in the business world or simply use the services of business, the Business Studies program at Woburn will provide them with a foundation for making effective choices and decisions.


Our Course Offerings include:

Introduction to Business Grade 9 or 10, BTT1O

Grade 11, BTA3O

Grade 10, BBI2O


Accounting Grade 11, BMI3C

Grade 11, BAF3M or BAI3E

Grade 12, BAT4M  (prerequisite BAF3M or BAI3E)

International Business Grade 12, BBB4M

Business Leadership Grade 12, BOH4M

Financial Securities Grade 12, IDC4UF

Clubs and other Extracurricular activities

DECA - Business Competitions Club

Coin Accounting Competition

OBEA Contests