Dress Code Policy and General Expectations

  1. Non-religious headgear and outdoor wear must NOT be worn while in the school. The list includes bandanas, hats, headbands, head wraps, coats, and gloves. Students are to remove their coats as soon as they enter the building.

  2. Male and female students are permitted to wear functional hair bands to assist in a tidy appearance appropriate for school. These hair bands must not exceed the width of 3 fingers, and must be the same color as the student's hair.

  3. All Woburn students will dress in an appropriate fashion befitting an educational/business environment. Students are expected to dress in a manner that is neither offensive nor distracting.

  4. Students are expected to turn off all communicative electronic devices while in the school (pagers, beepers, gaming devices, cellular phones, etc.). Cellular phones must be turned off and put away once inside the school. Inappropriate use of electronic communications may result in a suspension.

  5. Students may only listen to disc players or walkman with headphones in the cafeteria.

  6. Students who have a spare period may use the library or cafeteria only for quiet study. Students who have a last period spare, and are not involved in an after school program, are requested to leave the building.