Statement of Purpose

Woburn’s Statement of Purpose

To establish and maintain a safe, positive and inclusive community committed to providing optimal learning and leadership opportunities for all students regardless of destination. At our community’s core are three guiding principles:  Respect for Self, Respect for Others AND Responsibility for Your Actions.


Woburn’s Motto – “Let the Zeal for Learning Flourish”

Principal’s Message

Welcome to Woburn for 2017-2018. You have the opportunity this year to work learn and grow in a welcoming positive school.

We have a tradition of student leadership and learning that encourages you to renew friendships, explore subjects and experience new and familiar co-curricular opportunities. We are fortunate to have a staff that care about you and want you to succeed in school and in our community. Make the most of your 2016-2017 year here!

The Woburn Student Agenda is integral to a successful year. It allows you to identify your preferred learning style, keep track of your academic responsibilities and provides you with valuable information and calendar dates and you will need to plan successfully for your school year. This agenda is a valuable tool - make it a habit. Use it daily and take the time to record your homework, assignments and due dates. It is an important first step in organizing your time and advocating for your educational needs. Developing organizational and advocacy skills are a life lesson that will contribute to your success here at Woburn and elsewhere as you encounter challenges beyond your Woburn experiences. 

The agenda also includes the Woburn Student Code of Conduct. It is the responsibility of every student to know and follow this code. As a member of the Woburn community you are expected to abide by the code and adhere to Woburn’s 3R’s – Respect for Yourself, Respect for Others and accept Responsibility for all your actions and/or omissions. Following these expectations contributes to a safe, secure and positive Learning environment for all of us. I wish you a wonderful year in 2016-17. Work hard on your academics, balance your school work with involvement in the many co-curricular and leadership opportunities and contribute to the rewarding, unique, community that is Woburn C.I.!

Karen Hume, Principal