Statement of Purpose

Statement of Purpose

Woburn’s Statement of Purpose

To establish and maintain a safe, positive and inclusive community committed to providing optimal learning and leadership opportunities for all students regardless of destination. At our community’s core are three guiding principles:  Respect for Self, Respect for Others AND Responsibility for Your Actions.


Woburn’s Motto – “Let the Zeal for Learning Flourish”

Principal’s Message

Welcome to Woburn for 2020-2021.



While this is a year like no other with Covid protocols and Pandemic concerns Woburn is committed to keeping our school safe ( keeping in place all recommended protocols and Public Health procedures) while providing the best experiences possible for our students. 

Our staff are a talented and caring group of educators who seek  to  engage students in creative and  rigorous course work  while supporting student learning  within and outside the classroom . Woburn Staff want to see every student be successful.  Staff work hard in their classrooms and continue -  even during the pandemic -  to provide valuable opportunities outside the classroom:  supervising and encourage teams and clubs, promoting leadership and academic .and providing learning opportunities in the arts, athletics and academic arenas.

We at Woburn encourage all members of our community to be inclusive and caring. We expect our Woburn community to abide by the Code of Conduct and adhere to  Woburn's 3R's - Respect for Yourself, Respect for Others and to take Responsibility for all  your actions and/or omissions !  Following these expectations contributes to a safe, secure and positive learning environment for all. 

We wish you a great year in 2020-2021.  Work hard, balance your school work with involvement in the many virtual co-curricular opportunities in place and contribute to the rewarding, unique vibrant community that is Woburn !

Karen Hume, Principal