Cooperative Education

Woburn Co-op

Co-op provides a unique opportunity to connect you to the community, where you can feel a sense of purpose while developing invaluable communication, problem solving, decision-making, time management as well as leadership skills.

2 Credit Co-op - Co-operative Education is an experiential learning program which students can take at Woburn in grade 11 or 12. Whether you are bound for university, college, apprenticeship or the workplace, the Cooperative Education Program aims to help you with career and life planning. It is a real-life experience for self-discovery which helps you to make more informed decisions about your future. You will acquire practical experience and develop valuable knowledge, skills and habits of mind in a workplace setting that suits your strengths, interests and goals.

4 Credit Co-op - This course consists of a learning experience connected to a community and cooperative education curriculum, and may incorporate relevant expectations from a related course(s).

SHSM Program Requirements

Students must complete 2 credits in Cooperative Education. Their placement must be in related to one of the two SHSM sectors - Health and Wellness or ICT, depending on which program they are enrolled in. Coop allows students to explore particular careers and earn real-life job experiences.

Woburn’s Co-op Team (2023-2024):