Math Department

The Woburn Math department has various initiatives that focus on students in terms of achievement, wellness and equity. Every student has the opportunity to obtain extra help and support whether it be an after school program or through teachers by way of an appointment. We support our students in other initiatives such as EQAO with training given by our math department members. Enrichment can be obtained through our math club which meets biweekly.

We offer courses at various levels that cater to the students’ needs. Our main objective is to teach and mentor our students in such a way that they are successful in their future endeavours.

At Woburn CI, the math department has continually witnessed great achievements by students over the years. 

We provide contest support, promote fun in learning through puzzles and studying and sharing problem solving techniques.  Our math club is open to all…. the only prerequisite is a desire to learn and to have some fun.  

For students who want a challenge we also participate in math competitions such as the C.O.M.C., all the University Of Waterloo contests, A.P.M.L. and C.N.M.L

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Department members (2022-2023):

A. Chan (Assistant Curriculum Leader - Math)

S. Talpalaru (Assistant Curriculum Leader - STEM)

T. Akon, D. Carrasco, V. Cavar, K. Ceco, C. Duenas, M. Fenty, L. Kneschewitsch, M. Musa, A. Preda, T. Sothinathan, W. Tang,  L. Tzeng

Office Contact: 416-396-4575, ext 20080