Woburn Math Department

We offer courses at various levels that caters to the students’ needs. Our main objective is to teach and mentor our students in such a way that they are successful in their future endeavours.

At Woburn CI, the math department has witnessed year after year great achievements by students over the years. In 2014, it was no different. One of our students, Ben Zhang, wrote the 2014 Canadian Open Math Challenge and was awarded the silver award for grade 12 in Toronto, the bronze award for the province of Ontario and the honour roll for Canada. Ben has then been invited to participate in contests that is world wide as he strives to represent Canada. Also, in February 2015, Woburn sent a team of its best 6 math students and competed in the local city team math challenge held at Marc Garneau CI and did not disappoint. The team, named the Cartesian Cartel, finished in style by easily capturing the championship. The team goes to defend its title in the last team city challenge in April at Albert Campbell CI. Our school also finished 3rd in the Canadian division in the Atlantic Pacific Math League in 2014. Year after year Woburn has many students participating and obtaining very respectable scores in Waterloo math contests as well as the Canadian National Math League. It is to no surprise that we continue this great tradition of mathematical excellence!

2014-2015 Contest Results

Woburn continues its dominance in mathematics supremacy as some of our own have obtained great results in this year’s competitions. Special recognition goes to the following students who have made Woburn proud.

2nd place – Toronto Mathematics Team Challenge – RYAN DO, ANDREW JAY, THEERAN KANTHAN, DANIEL YIN, BEN ZHANG, GEORGE WU
3rd place – Atlantic Pacific Math League – Canadian division - ANDREW JAY, GEORGE WU, DANIEL YIN, THEERAN KANTHAN, BEN ZHANG
Canadian Open Math Challenge – BEN ZHANG (HONOUR ROLL)
Canadian National Math League - ANDREW JAY (1st place), DANIEL YIN (2nd place), THEERAN KANTHAN (3rd place)
Canadian Intermediate Mathematics Contest (Waterloo) - KRITHIKA RAGUPATHI (medal winner)
Canadian Senior Mathematics Contest (Waterloo) - BEN ZHANG (medal winner)
Grade 9 Pascal Waterloo - FAYAZ AHMED (medal winner)
Grade 10 Cayley (Waterloo) - NASHITA TABASSUM (medal winner),KIRITHIKA RAGUPATHI (medal winner), TIM LI (medal winner), HARSH JOSHI (medal winner)
Grade 10 Galois (Waterloo) - KRITHIKA RAGUPATHI (medal winner)
Grade 11 Fermat (Waterloo) - BEN ZHANG (medal winner)
Grade 11 Hypatia (Waterloo) - RUTUJA DESAI (medal winner)
Grade 12 Euclid (Waterloo) - BEN ZHANG (medal winner)

In preparatioun for the above math contests and competions, a "math problem session" is held every monday during lunch in room 204. All students are encouraged to participate.

Courses Offered


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Many awards at the Canadian Mathematics Competition by Waterloo University, A.P.M.L., C.N.M.L.


We fully support all mathematics competitions throughout North American and encourage our students to participate and train for these challenging and stimulating contests.

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