Science Department

The Science Department’s main focus is to support our students to become critical thinkers who can apply their scientific knowledge to a variety of real-life scenarios. We emphasize the scientific method and continuously work on skills that support our understanding of scientific literacy. 

In your science courses you can look forward to a variety of lab activities, demonstrations, problems, research assignments and group work activities that allow you to engage in the process of science and continue to develop your critical thinking skills. 

The Science Department offers a variety of courses in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and General Science at several levels to meet the diverse needs of our students.

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Department members (2023-2024):

Kelsey Dhamrait (Assistant Curriculum Leader - Science) -

  • Neelam Brahmbhatt -
  • Valerie Cavar -
  • Joanna Drivas -
  • Ryan Kitchen -
  • Joseph Lozon -
  • Gayathiri Sagayarajan -
  • Nabeela Shariff -
  • Thushanth Sothinathan -
  • Sebastian Talpalaru -
  • Wendy Tang -
  • Lillian Tzeng -

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