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We honour the memory of George Floyd

Like you we have watched the painful and deeply disturbing videos of the senseless death of George Floyd. We raise our voices, we walk in peaceful protests, demanding change, demanding social justice. Woburn is a diverse community, we speak many languages, but the common thread that unites this tapestry is our shared humanity. We are committed to promoting   inclusion , denouncing racism and bias. We continue to pursue ways where we can make a difference. We must exemplify kindness and empathy, the essential principles that bind us. We will confront the injustice, and we will work to build a future generation that will create a better world for all its inhabitants.

We honour the memory of George Floyd  and we honour all those who have lost their lives simply because of the colour of their skin. BLACK LIVES MATTER! We echo the cry! We will be the change. We must build a better society. We are proud! We are Woburn!