The Woburn Arts Collective


The Woburn Arts Collective was designed by students for all learners with a desire to expand their knowledge, work collaboratively and innovate with a focus in the Arts. The program was created to meet the growing needs and interests of TDSB students. Our goal is to make the Arts accessible for all while adapting to a changing workplace which is more technologically advanced and requires creative problem solving skills.

When applying to the program you will choose a focus subject which will be taught one semester. In grade 9,  focus subjects are Dance, Visual Art and Music. In the other semester students will participate in an Integrated Arts program where all students will be working alongside and with each other. In grade 10 students can choose a new focus subject or remain in their previous choice. Please note that media arts also becomes available as a focus subject as of grade 10. 

In the Integrated Arts program, students will choose 5 projects of the 15 which will be available. Three teachers will lead  this course and three projects will be running at one time. Students will be expected to try various disciplines to help expand their knowledge and understanding of the Arts. We want our students to take risks and venture out of their comfort zones to help expand their appreciation of the world and build their self confidence.  Projects will be based in the 5 disciplines (Drama, Music, Visual Art, Dance, Media Arts & Design) and may change based on student interest that year.



In Grade 10 Integrated Arts - ALC2O, students will add a second layer of difficulty and expand their collaborative skills by participating in double subject projects. They will continue the same format of one project per month and use those projects in the various school events held during the year. The design of these projects will be led by student interest and choice. They will change from year to year based on the feedback received from students.


In Grade 11 students will graduate to the Exploring and Creating in the Arts - AEA3O course where they will build a large production and art gallery together. Again students will participate in multiple disciplines to help nurture in them, the most growth, intellect and innovation. In this course students’ problem solving and collaborative skills will be tested, helping them prepare for the challenges they will face in the years ahead. The project being mounted each year will have ongoing student input at its forefront, allowing for student innovation and creative growth.

Finally in Grade 12, students will take the Interdisciplinary Studies - IDC4M, course where business and promotion will be added to the production elements of the previous course. Students will also have a second opportunity to build and host a large production and gallery. Here again students will be leading the ideas and choices in the work. 

The student and their guardian must apply via the TDSB Central Website. 


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