Learning Skills

Learning Skills

Works Independently

The student:
  • accomplishes tasks independently
  • accepts responsibility for completing tasks
  • follows instructions
  • regularly completes assignments on time and with care
  • uses time effectively


The student:
  • works willingly and cooperatively with others
  • takes responsibility for his or her own share of the work to be done
  • shows respect for the ideas and opinions of others in the group or class
  • istens attentively, without interrupting


The student:
  • organizes work when faced with a number of tasks
  • follows specific steps to reach goals or to make improvements
  • manages and uses time effectively and creatively
  • demonstrates ability to organize and manage information

Work Habits/Homework

The student:
  • completes homework on time and with care
  • puts forth consistent effort
  • follows directions
  • shows attention to detail
  • begins work promptly and uses time effectively


The student:
  • requires little prompting to complete a task, displaying self-motivation and self-direction
  • approaches new learning situations with confidence and a positive attitude
  • attempts a variety of learning activities
  • seeks assistance when needed