Student Activities

Student Activities

Student Activity Council (SAC)

The SAC is selected by the Woburn students:
  • to represent their interests
  • to support and fund their sports and clubs
  • to organize special activities within the school

The SAC represents Woburn students at the school and in the community. The SAC organizes social activities and encourages school spirit. In the past SAC events have included dances, Charity Week activities, Winter Week and the Formal. Funding for all clubs and most sports teams comes from the sale of SAC/ID cards and from fund-raising activities. A successful SAC is the result of 100% student support.


The Prefect organization is the goodwill Ambassadors of Woburn who provide service and leadership in the school and in the community. The organization works as a support for the school administration in activities such as Parents' Nights and Commencement, promotes school spirit through the Grade 9 Welcome Day and the Air Band competition, and serves the community through the annual Springfest for special needs children. Through these experiences, students develop their leadership and interpersonal skills.

Yearbook Committee

Each year, Woburn's Yearbook Committee produces an outstanding yearbook. The yearbook photographers are at every Woburn event ready to capture moments in Woburn's history on film.