Lockers are the property of the school, not of the students. Each student is assigned his/her own locker. Students are not allowed to share lockers. Dudley locks only may be used. Students should be aware that the administration may inspect any locker at any time it is deemed necessary. Lock combinations must be on record in the Main Office. Student may face a suspension or other consequence if found to be sharing a locker.

Students must NOT occupy unassigned lockers. Locks on unassigned lockers will be cut off and locker contents removed to the main office. Locker decoration must be discreet and removable without marking or damaging the locker. Disfigurement of a locker is vandalism. You are responsible for your own valuables. Do not leave any valuables in your locker or the change room. Combinations are to be kept confidential. Thefts are to be reported to the office immediately. Claims for stolen property are to be made through the individual’s family insurance company. The police urge students to report to them any theft from school property.