Technological Education

The Technological Education Department at Woburn C.I. offers the following courses:

  • TDJ (grades 10, 11, 12)  - Technological Design - Main focus is on problem solving skills using technologies. The Technological Design courses offer the students the opportunity to develop skills in the following areas; Architecture (Architectural Drafting and Design), Product Design (Mechanical Drafting and Design), Media Design (Graphic Design and Web Design). The grade 12 classes focus on User Experience Design by developing products that are User Centric in nature which includes Marketing the product by developing a Promotional Product Website.
  • TEJ (grades 10, 11, 12) - Computer Engineering Technology - The main focus is understanding how computers function and interact with each other. Main topics covered are; Electronic components, Computer Components, Designing Electronic circuits, Programming with Arduino and Raspberry PI, Computer Networking and Operating Systems (Windows and Linux) Installation and Configuration.
  • TTJ3/4C -  Focus is on small engines, electrical, electronic, computer control systems, environment and career pathways.    
  • TTJ3O -Vehicle Ownership.  Focus on vehicle maintenance and care, purchasing a vehicle, insuring a vehicle, insurance rates and the steps required to licence a vehicle for the road.

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Department members (2023-2024):

Zengo Selmanoski (Assistant Curriculum Leader) - 

  • Zengo Selmanoski -
  • Patrice Penda-Kanannyet -
  • Lin Wang -

Office Contact: 416-396-4575, ext 20141