Canadian and World Studies, Social Sciences

Canadian and World Studies, Social Sciences


Our world is rapidly changing. At Woburn, students learn to make connections between our past and present, and are preparing for our future. Courses in Canadian and World Studies provides students with exciting opportunities to develop the skills necessary to navigate our changing society. For example, they will develop their critical thinking skills, creativity and communication, and make connections to our own community. How did we get to the today we live in? To truly understand, and make informed choices, a critical understanding of History is necessary for informed citizenship in Canada and around the world. We also offer courses to enhance critical thinking skills in a variety of disciplines such as Politics, Economics, and Introduction to Anthropology, Sociology and Psychology.

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Department members (2022-2023):

A. Hogan (Assistant Curriculum Leader)

A. Hart, H. Johnson, A. Matheson,  A. Nigro, D. Shand, M. Yulien

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