Woburn Drama Department

The Dramatic Arts Department features two main components – Dramatic Arts and Media Arts. Located in opposite ends of the building, the teaching team helps students realize their potential in both art forms.

In Dramatic Arts, there is a wide range of curricular and co-curricular activities.

COURSES OFFERED - Click on a course code for more information

ADA101, ADA201, ADA3M1, ADA4M1

ASM201, ASM301, ADV401

What are the benefits of taking Dramatic Arts?

A very small percentage of Dramatic Arts students will go on to a career in theatre, film, television or related fields. The true benefit to the vast majority of students who take Dramatic Arts are below.

self-expression, self-esteem, communication, concentration, attention, listening, compromise, teamwork, time management, responsibility, organization, imagination, thinking skills, empathy, tolerance

Professionals and employers in all fields are looking for employees who have self-confidence, are well-organized and have excellent communication skills. These are the greatest gift we could give our students. As Drama educators, we work on these skills every day.