The English department is one of largest in the school; it is full of energetic and highly intelligent teachers who have a passion for literature and language. As students know, they must take an English course every year in order to complete their graduation requirements, but students may not realize that there are interesting English options available to them in the Senior grades. In Grade 11, English Media (EMS3O1) offers a window to the world of TV, movies, newspapers, magazines and radio. In both Grade 11 and Grade 12, literature courses are available focusing on Canadian (ETC3M1) and World (ETS4U1) themes. Finally, for students who love creative expression, there is the Writer’s Craft course at the Grade 12 level (EWR4U1).

Every year Woburn writers are recognized outside of the school: frequently, we have had winners of creative writing contests including works published in Urban Voices, the TDSB poetry anthology. Last spring, Woburn student, Phillip Smalley, won a journalism contest sponsored by the Raptors organization.

In order to encourage participation in writing, English teachers run an annual “Writes of Spring" contest for all grades and celebrate the winners with a reception in the library in late May. In 2004-2005, the English department is also supporting a film club and a debating club.

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