English, French & ESL

English, French & ESL

The English, French and ESL department offers:

  • Full range of locally-developed, essential, academic, college and university level English courses
  • Beginner, intermediate & senior French courses
  • Gifted French & English streams
  • B, C, D & E level ESL courses
  • After-school Literacy Program
  • Inclusive, academic pathway English courses in grade 9 and 10
  • Embedded OSSLT (Literacy Test) supports
  • Various writing competition opportunities
  • English as Second Language club

Department members (2021-2022):

C. Mohan (ACL)

S. Brady (English), D. Gal (ESL), H. Hassan (English),S. Lacey (ESL), R. Lefort (French), G. Liu (French), A. Marshall (English), C. Mohan-Eustace (English), 
L. Murtanovska (English), S. Naccarato (English), M. Rahman (French),

Office Contact: 416-396-4575, ext 20091