English, French & ESL

The English, French and ESL department offers:

  • Full range of locally-developed, essential, academic, college and university level English courses
  • Beginner, intermediate & senior French courses
  • Gifted French & English streams
  • B, C, D & E level ESL courses
  • After-school literacy support program
  • Inclusive, academic pathway English courses in grade 9 and 10
  • Embedded OSSLT (Literacy Test) supports
  • Various writing competition opportunities
  • English as Second Language club


Department members (2020-2021):

C. Mohan (ACL)


A. Baric (English),
S. Brady (English),
A. Faichney (English),
D. Gal (ESL),
H. Hassan (English),
D. Langdon (French),
A. Marshall (English),
A. Matheson (English),
C. Mohan (English),
S. Naccarato (English),
K. O’Grady (English),
M. Rahman (French),
J. Roberts (English),
D. Shand (English)

Office Contact: 416-396-4575, ext 20091