Family Studies/Social Science

Woburn Family Studies and Social Science Department

The subject area of Family Studies is incorporated within the discipline of Social Sciences and Humanities in the Ontario secondary school curriculum. Family Studies courses teach students a variety of fundamental skills, while allowing them to gain experience through a variety of hands-on, practical activities. Students are encouraged to work collaboratively in each course.

Courses offered by Family Studies and Social Science

Grade 9
HIF - Exploring Family Studies

Grade 10
HFN - Food and Nutrition

Grade 11
HPC - Raising Healthy Children
HNC - Understanding Fashion
HSP - Introduction to Anthropology, Sociology and Psychology
HRT - World Religions and Belief Traditions

Grade 12
HSB - Challenge and Change in Society
HZT - Philosophy: Questions and Theories
HNB - The World of Fashion
HFA - Nutrition and Health
HHG - Human Growth and Development Throughout the Lifespan

Students at Woburn are also invited to participate in a variety of extra-curricular programs.