Woburn History Department

History provides students with opportunities to develop their critical thinking skills, creative thinking skills and communication skills and ability to understand both our own country's current and past decisions, but also those of the rest of the world, and how they connect to our own community. How did we get to the today we live in? To truly understand, and make informed choices, an understanding of our History is critical to informed citizenship in Canada and the world. Other courses such as Politics, Economics, Philosophy, World Religions and Introduction to Anthropology, Psychology and Sociology provide opportunities for students to make connections to their own lives, to develop their critical thinking skills and communicate skills in a variety of subject disciplines.

What is unique about History at Woburn?

  • Grade 10 courses offered at ESL, Applied, Academic and Gifted levels
  • Most department members have post graduate degrees and attend national and international conferences
  • Department members have conducted workshops in many national and international History related conferences
  • Department members participated in provincial curriculum writing

Courses Offered

After Grade 10 compulsory courses in History and Civics:
(*depending on enrollment)


  • Grade 11 American (U)
  • Grade 11 World History to the 16th Century* (M)
  • Grade 12 West and the World (U)


  • Grade 12 Analyzing Economic Issues (U)
  • Grade 11 The Individual and the Economy* (M)


  • Grade 12 Canada and World Politics (U)

World Religions

  • Grade 11 Beliefs, Issues, and Religious Traditions (M)

General Social Science

  • Grade 11 Introduction to Anthropology, Psychology, and Sociology (M)


  • Woburn placed 5th in TDSB Grade 10 History Contest (2002)
  • Woburn won Martin Luther King Jr Debating Contest (1999)

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