Science & Technology

Science Department

At Woburn, we stress the comprehension and application of science concepts by providing student-centered active learning. The Science Department team of teachers is collectively dedicated to igniting students’ interest and love of science, technology, engineering and environment through hands-on discovery.

The mission of our department is centered on ensuring that all students are provided with the best learning experiences possible, allowing them to grow a deeper understanding of the fact that scientific investigation and critical thinking are mandatory skills in a modern and dynamic society.

The Science Department teachers blend their profound understanding of scientific concepts with a very dynamic and modern set of teaching practices that place students at the center of the learning process. The classroom practice is collectively used as a source of information and feedback for a professional approach that blends passion, action research and a profound belief that all students are capable of successful learning.

The classroom teaching and learning provides student-centered learning opportunities such as laboratories, research assignments and group work activities that engage students in the exploration of the magic world of science.

In addition, the team of science teachers works tirelessly in order to find new ways to engage students in learning experiences that go beyond the classroom. Reach for the Top, The Biomed Club, The Ski Club, STEP, The Chemistry Homework Club, The National Biology Competition Study Club are only some of the numerous extracurricular learning opportunities offered by the science teachers.

The Science Department offers a large number of courses (locally developed, applied, academic, university and gifted) that respond to the diverse levels of interest and readiness of our students. 


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Technological Education at Woburn C.I.

Woburn C.I. offers a unique learning experience in technological education. Our courses allow students to broaden their minds by equipping them to solve open-ended problems in various technological areas. Students learn to work creatively and competently with technologies that are central to their lives. Students are also encouraged to supplement their classroom experiences by joining the various technology oriented clubs in the school and entering competitions. Woburn technology students have consistently performed well at inter-school, provincial, national and international competitions.

Although courses in technological education are optional, students should keep in mind that they can take any Grade 9-12 technological education course to fulfil the Group 3 additional compulsory credit requirement for the Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

Technology oriented clubs at Woburn C.I. include:




The following terms are used on this site to describe some of the courses:

  • Broad-based: Courses that cover a broad spectrum within a subject area and enable students to develop a variety of transferable skills.
  • Emphasis: Broad-based courses that emphasize a particular area of a subject, but not to the exclusion of other areas.
  • Open: Courses that allow students to broaden their skills and knowledge in a subject that interests them and which may or may not be related to their post secondary path. There are no prerequisites.



Where to Begin

Everything begins with one introductory broad-based technology course in Grade 9 called Exploring Technologies (TIJ1O1). This course enables students to further explore and develop technological knowledge and skills introduced in the elementary science and technology program. Students are given the opportunity to design and create products and/or provide services related to the various technological areas, working with a variety of tools, and software commonly used in industry. Students will develop an awareness of environmental and societal issues, and will begin to explore secondary and postsecondary education and training pathways leading to careers in technology-related fields.

By taking this course, students will be introduced to the four main technology focus areas in this school, so that they can make an informed decision on which area to pursue for further technological studies beyond Grade 9. If a student has the time to only take one technology course in his/her four years of high school, this course is highly recommended. This course gives students broad knowledge and skills that will enhance their daily lives, enabling them to work on home renovations or car repair or to pursue technological hobbies.



Where to go from TIJ1O1

The technological education program in Grades 10-12 at Woburn C.I. branches out into four main areas:

  • Computer Technology
  • Technological Design
  • Transportation Technology

All the Grade 10 courses are open and broad-based. In Grades 11 and 12, a variety of broad-based and emphasis courses are offered. The Grade 11 courses can be taken with no prerequisites, but most of the Grade 12 courses have a Grade 11 prerequisite.

The following chart outlines the progression of technological education courses at Woburn C.I. Course descriptions can be found in the Technological Education section of the TDSB "Choices" booklet, and by clicking the course codes in the chart.