Dual Credit

Dual Credit (Co-op)

Earn a college credit while still in high school!
One afternoon per week, students attend a College class and earn a college credit, as well as another high school credit.

As a high school student you have the opportunity to earn up to four optional secondary school credits and four college credits at the same time, by participating in the Dual Credit Program.

Benefits to participating in the Dual Credit Program include:

  • Earning a college credit at no financial cost
  • The potential to earn more than the standard number secondary school credits in one year
  • Increasing awareness of college and apprenticeship options
  • The opportunity to experience college first-hand
  • Contributes to a smooth and more successful transition from secondary school to college 

In order to qualify, you should be at least 16 years of age and have successfully completed the OSSD literacy requirement (either OSSLT or OSSLC) with the potential to succeed in a college program. It is recommended that you have also completed at least 16 credits prior to registering.

There are no additional costs to the student. TTC tickets are provided where necessary, the costs of textbooks are included, and no tuition fees are charged.

List of possible colleges:
  • George Brown
  • Seneca
  • Centennial
  • Humber
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Upcoming Dual Credit Courses - Fall 2020

Access the list of Dual Credit Courses (and the schedule) for September 2020 on the Master Chart.

***Note: ALL Dual Credit courses will be offered in an ON-LINE format only during Semester 1. ***