New Students/Grade 8 Info

Registration for New Students

Whether you're joining the TDSB family for the first time or you're a current student considering the opportunities available to you, registration is now open at Westview.


Here are the steps required to becoming a Westview student:

1.  You will need to complete the registration package.

2.  With your registration package, you will need to bring:

               a) Government issued ID for the student being registered

              b) Proof of address - such as lease, hydro bill, phone bill

3. Make an appointment with a Vice Principal  to complete the registration, by calling 

416-395-3320. You will be required to bring ALL of your completed forms and documents to that meeting.

Grade 8 Information

Welcome Grade 8 Students!

We hosted our Grade 8 information night in December, where each department showcased their area and programs.  

In case you missed it, here is the information that was presented.