Construction SHSM

Construction SHSM

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Westview recognizes that there is a need to teach students construction skills so that they are prepared for the changing workforce and is offering students a Construction SHSM program.

According to the Ontario Construction Secretariat, the construction industry is one of Ontario’s largest employers. The Construction Sector Council has created a province-by-province, trade-by-trade labour market forecast for the next nine years. In Ontario, it is estimated that 60,000 workers will be required to replace those retiring, who will take essential technical, supervisory, and management skills with them. Furthermore, an additional 75,000 workers will be needed to fill positions related to new construction between 2010 to 2020.


There are four categories of work in the construction industry. Each requires the use of different equipment and workers with a variety of skills. Depending on the career chosen, a graduate could work in any or all of these categories:


• new home building and renovation, including building, remodeling, or renovating houses and apartment buildings


• heavy industrial construction, including building industrial facilities such as cement, automotive, chemical, or power plants, refineries, and oil-sands installations


• institutional and commercial construction, including building commercial and institutional buildings and structures such as stadiums, schools, hospitals, grain elevators, and swimming pools


• civil engineering construction, including engineering projects such as highways, dams, water and sewer lines, power and communication lines, and bridges.




The Construction SHSM program has the following four components:


1. A bundle of ten Grade 11 and 12 courses which includes:

- four Construction credits,

- four required courses in English, math, business studies or science

- two co-op credits in a Construction-focused placement


2. Seven sector recognized certifications and training

     (First Aid/ CPR/ WHMIS/ Fall Protection/ Health and Safety Basic/ Confined space awareness/ Fire Extinguisher training)


3. Experiential Learning and Exploration Activities


4. Reach Ahead Experiences


To apply to the program or get more information, speak to your guidance counsellor.  Or complete the SHSM Application Form and bring it to the Guidance Office.