Transportation SHSM

Transportation SHSM

This program offers more learning opportunities in the field of transportation and is called Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM).

This program is for students who enjoy and are interested in motor vehicles and are thinking of pursuing a career in the Transportation industry (for example: as a service technician, car designer, engineer, etc.) .

The package of learning opportunities will give students the experience and documentation that employers will value and respect. 

The program begins in grade 11 and continues in grade 12. It is offered at all pathway levels: University, College, Apprenticeship and Workplace. 

Students will complete a bundle of credits as well as special field trips and certifications in the industry. Certifications include: CPR, Standard First Aid, Basic Health and Safety, WHMIS, Vehicle Lift Training, Environmental Spill Response, and Fire Extinguishing.

A SHSM application can be found here.

For more program information, speak to a Guidance Counsellor.