Arts and Culture SHSM

Arts and Culture SHSM Program


The Arts and Culture requirements include:

Earning a bundle of 8 credits in any of the 4 pathways (apprenticeship, college, university or the workplace)

  1. Achieving 6 industry certifications (First Aid, CPR, WHMIS, etc...)
  2. Participating in "Reach Ahead" activities such as participating in various workshops, job fairs and attending classes at college/universities;
  3. Completing a 2-credit Co-op placement in the Arts field
  4. Participating in Experiential Learning Activities (hands-on activities)
Benefits to students:
  • Gain valuable certifications and knowledge
  • Develop hands-on skills
  • Network in the healthcare industry
  • Explore a career
  • Gain insight into the broader scope of the healthcare field and meet community partners
  • Can lead to possible job opportunities
  • Leadership opportunities with the Student Advisory Committee

Possible Occupations in the Arts and Culture field:

  • Workplace:  Desktop Publishing Operator, Entertainer, Graphic Artist or Illustrator, Musician or Singer, Photographic and Film Processor, Sign Maker
  • Apprenticeship:  Entertainment Industry Power Technician, Gem Setter/Goldsmith, Native Clothing and Crafts Artisan, Painter and Decorator
  • College:   Actor or Comedian, Animator – Graphic Design and Illustration, Announcer/Broadcaster, Film or Video Camera Operator,  Graphic Arts Technician/Designer/Illustrator, Interior Designer, Performing Arts, Photographer
  • University:   Author or Writer, Conductor, Composer, or Arranger, Dancer, Painters, Sculptors, Producer/Director, Choreographer, Public Relations and Communications     
  • ...And many more!
To apply for the SHSM: Arts and Culture Program, click on our fillable PDF SHSM Application
To register or for more information, see Ms. Medeiros in room 126.