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Student Support Services

Westview’s Student Support Services Department is dedicated to helping all students in the development of personal, educational and career goals.Our programs and services are designed to offer individualized wraparound supports, including course selection, post-secondary planning, career exploration, newcomer settlement supports, and social-emotional supports.


In collaboration with educational, community partners, students, and families Westview Centennial SS aims to establishing relevant and responsive learning spaces to help ensure success and wellbeing for all students.



Office Assistant - Stella Pincente  ext. 20040


Guidance Counsellors

Neelu Chadha
Ext. 20045

Last Names A - G

Tammy Le 

Ext. 20042

Last Names H - O

ACL of Guidance

Marina Moro

Ext. 20060

Last Names P-Z

& ESL Students

 ACL, Languages & ELLs

Simone Martin


 ISP students (DD, LD, MID)

ACL of Special Education


Student Supports

  Andre Donais

 Attendance Counsellor

Simone Martin

ACL Inclusive Education

Susie Youn

Ext. 20007

ACL, Student Success, Community Partnerships & Critical Consciousness

Kai Gordon

Graduation Coach for Black Students

Mon, Thurs, every other Wed

Paul Szego

Psychoeducational Consultant

Tony Wray

Speech-Language Pathologist


Marissa Bent

(437) 339-9369

Social Worker


Mon, Wed, Fri (pm)


Kristin Hoffman


Social Worker Tuesdays

Bernice Asante

Ext. 20043

Child & Youth Worker




Child & Youth Counsellor


Audrey Dwyer

Settlement Worker

Tues, Fri