Contemporary Studies

Contemporary Studies

Our program provides a wide range of subjects for students to explore, including History, Geography, Social Sciences, Law, Family Studies, and Economics. We also offer Westview’s Specialized Law in Action Within Schools (LAWS) program.


Through our dynamic programming, students engage with important political, social, and equity issues of yesterday and today.  We foster inquiry-based learning opportunities and critical thinking.  

*** Remember: Students need to complete 12 elective courses to get their high school diploma. Consider taking some of ours! 

Department Contact: 416-395-3320 x20111

Assistant Curriculum Leader: Elif Topyurek, 


Staff Members



Michael Spencer 

Tianna Tomlinson 

Anh Lam

Josephine Losiggio

Kevin MacTavish

Brian Taborek

Myra Shivanandan 



Course Offerings


CGC1D:        Grade 9 Geography of Canada (required)



CHC2D:        Grade 10 Canadian History (required)

CHV2O:        Grade 10 Civics (required)



CGG3O:        Grade 11 Travel and Tourism

CHG38:         Grade 11 Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity

CHW3M:       Grade 11 World History until the end of the 15th Century

CLU3M:        Grade 11 Law

HPW3C:       Grade 11 Working with Infants and Small Children

HSP3C/U:    Grade 11 Intro to Sociology, Anthropology and Psychology



CGW4C/U:     Grade 12 Canadian and World Issues

CIA4U:            Grade 12 Economics

CHY4C/U:      Grade 12 World History since the 16th Century

CLN4U:          Grade 12 Canadian and International Law

HHS4C/U:      Grade 12 Families in Canada

HSB4U:          Grade 12 Challenge and Change

HSE4M:          Grade 12 Equity and Social Justice

IDC4U:           Grade 12 Deconstructing Anti-Black Racism