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Children's Mental Health

Caring for others and being cared for is one of the most powerful protective factors for everyone’s mental health & well-being. Research shows that providing a caring, inclusive and welcoming climate improves resilience and the ability to achieve. We want everyone to focus on noticing, encouraging and acknowledging caring and kind interactions. We need to help ensure that every student feels that they are valued and that they matter. Caring matters now more than ever! 





Taking Care


We Belong


Being Thankful


Feeling Fit


(School Mental Health Ontario)

+ other Resources

No Problem Too Big or Too Small:


SMHO031 - Student Pathways Resource ENG ooklet.indd

Self-care tips: SELF-CARE 101


Kids Help Phone's self-care checklist

Tips for reaching out for help: REACHING OUT

Gratitude Tips: Cultivating Gratitude


Good News Stories: (from John Krasinsk-i The Office)

Feel Good Friday


Free apps for Youth

Free mindfulness app:

Guided Meditation and Mindfulness - The Headspace App

Free meditation app: Smiling Mind

Free app for helping change negative thought patterns: Youper - Emotional Health Assistant Powered by AI

Free online yoga: Free Online Yoga. Hundreds of High Quality Classes, Challenges, Guided Meditations and a Thriving Community

Free exercise apps: Sworkit

Sworkit | At Home Fitness Plans


TDSB Phys-ed workouts:

@tdsb-instagram @HPE_TDSB



How to be there for a friend

Mental Health 101

5 positive coping messages a day: @bemindfulstressless

TDSB Caring Video Challenge.

Caring Video Project #TDSBCaringmatters

Mindful movement (grade 6-12) Mindful Movement6-12


Additional Activities

Yoga/mindfulness videos for  Youth New Leaf Foundation

Would you like to let go of a thought you’ve been having? Here’s a place to put it:


Middle school students learn why everyone matters: Everyone Matters Day


We Belong We Belong

Gratitude by Canadian musicians: Lean on Me


Who are we grateful for who have cared for us?

YMCA workouts YMCA 360: Your

Virtual YMCA


Exercise During Coronavirus: Tips for Staying Active

Activities for Special Needs Students

-a more detailed resource is available. Click on this link:

 Children’s Mental

 Health Week -Low



Aquarium Relax:

2 Hours of Beautiful Coral Reef Fish, & Relaxing Music 1080p HD

Free online mindfulness sessions for caregivers Mindfulness Monday Tickets, Multiple Datesental-disabilitie s-tickets-1023884245 34?aff=erelexpmlt

Free Social Stories Social Stories

Shout Outs or PaperTweets 10 Powerful

Community-Building Ideas

Gratitude Bingo: TERMS OF USE


Heart  Hunt Random Acts of Kindness | Kindness Resources

Free exercise videos: Covid-19 Updates

-Variety Ontario


Special Olympics Home Exercise Videos:

Special Olympics School of Strength: Your at homeworkout routine


Other Resources For Students and Parents

Mental Health and Well-Being Resources during COVID-19

Additional Resources for Parents and Students



East Metro Youth Services will provide their walk-in hours by telephone during their normal walk in hours: Mon-Thurs 2-8pm and Friday 10am-5pm.
To reach a counsellor, clients can call (416) 438-3697, press 1 and then press 0 to speak to the receptionist.

Skylark Youth Services is offering their telephone ‘walk in’ at the following days/times:
(416) 482-0081 x 6
Monday, Tuesday, Fridays 9am-1:30pm
Wednesdays 11am-7pm

(416) 482-0081 x 5
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 1:30pm-6pm



Other Youth Mental Health Resources:

East Metro Youth Services (Toronto)

What’s up Walk-in Free Mental Health Counselling in the City of Toronto

Thought Spot

Mind Check

Good to talk

Here to Help


About Kids Health

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

Mood Disorders Association of Ontario

Mental Health Commission of Canada – Child & Youth

Children’s Mental Health Ontario

Therapy Dog Videos

St. John Ambulance Digital Therapy Dogs on YouTube: Enjoy some videos of Therapy Dogs! 

 Dogs can have a wonderful and positive impact on people and their mental health.  Here are some videos of Therapy Dogs at home.