Student Success

Student Success

The Westview Student Success Department:


Name Title Email
Youn, Susie Assistant Curriculum Leader
Devasahayam, Alexin Credit Recovery Teacher
Malile, Laureta Credit Recovery Teacher
Shultz, David  Credit Recovery Teacher 
Vu, Do Credit Recovery Teacher


Department Vision & Goal:

Our role as the Student Success Teachers, who on behalf of underserved students, are the key facilitators and providers for direct student advocacy and mentoring, identifying system barriers and monitoring underserved students' progress, school-wide professional learning in support of Student Success Initiatives, as well as student instruction in the form of Credit Recovery and other forms of intervention.

The Ministry of Education identifies a role for a Student Success Teacher in every school in order to improve student success. Student Success Teachers track the progress of students at risk of not graduating, support school-wide efforts to improve outcomes for students struggling with the secondary curriculum, re-engage early school leavers, and provide direct support/instruction in order to improve student achievement, retention and transitions.


Credit Recovery & Credit Rescue:

All students who have failed a course are eligible for Credit Recovery. Where possible, students should be allowed to repeat only the material relating to the overall curricular expectations not achieved. Student work will be evaluated, by their Credit Recovery teacher, to ensure that expectations have been met. Through Credit Recovery, students will also develop learning skills that will support students in the regular classroom setting. Credit Recovery courses focus on overall curriculum expectations, often within the supportive context of a Learning Strategies course. The goal is to ensure that students are able to meet curriculum expectations and prepare to move forward along their chosen program pathway.

Our team is also responsible for Credit Rescue, where we put different opportunities in place to try to help students earn their credits during the semester, essentially “rescuing” credits before the course is over. This includes opportunities like having additional support in the classroom through academic tutors, and one-on-one support during exam week.

For more information, contact the Assistant Curriculum leader: email, call 416-395-3320 ext. 20007, or please visit room 202 across from the main office.