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Welcome to ArtSpeaks - Secondary Arts Program at Westview Centennial S.S.. 

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In November 2023, students may apply for admission to Grade 9 only.


ArtSpeaks is a program that focuses on the Arts through a social justice lens. This program is about developing student voice and the many ways that art speaks for our students. This program combines visual art, digital media and the performance arts, specifically dance and music. Throughout the four year program, students will build a foundation of industry standard skills and techniques for each of the art streams. With this foundation, students will have the opportunity to express, share, and bring to light their voice through art.


Art is a mirror of our times and, as such, this reflection will be mirrored in our course content throughout the program. Additional courses will be used to further contextualize how art and performance are a part of our social, academic and economic fabric.

Grade 9

Grade 10

Grade 11

Grade 12

Integrated Arts (ALC1OP)


Visual Art (AVI1OP)

2 of:

  • Visual Art (AVI2OP)
  • Media Arts (AWS2OP)
  • Dance (ATP2OP)
  • Music (AMU2OP)

2 of:

  • Visual Arts (AVI3M)
  • Media Arts (ASM3M)
  • Dance (ATP3M)
  • Music (AMU3M)
  • English Media (EMS3O)

2 of:

  • Visual Arts (AVI4M)
  • Media Arts (ASM4M)
  • Dance (ATP4M)
  • Music (AMU4M)
  • Equity & Social Justice (HSE4M)

Art students and artwork