Phone number: 416-395-3320 Ext.  20231


Gr.9 Math Teachers:                           Gr.10 Math Teachers:                         Gr.11 Math Teachers

Ms. Engesser-Chung                          Mr. DeCicco                                        Ms. Devasahayam

Ms. Kwang                                          Ms. Devasahayam                              Ms. Gupta

Ms. Lam                                              Ms.Kwang                                          Ms. Lam

Ms. Malile                                           Ms.Lin                                                Mr. Persaud

Ms. Ngo                                              Mr. Vu                                                Ms.Thurairajah

Ms. Nguyen                                                                                                   Mr. Vu

Ms. Paul

Mr. Vu


Gr.12 Math Teachers:                         Educational Assistants for Math

Ms. Ngo                                              Ms. Adebanjo

Ms. Nguyen                                        Ms. Adewumi

Mr. Vu                                                Ms. Nyman

                                                          Ms. Rahmati

                                                          Ms. Wilson


Extra Help:  Morning, Lunch, and after school in each teacher’s rooms

                    After school Numeracy classes for Gr.9 and Gr.10

                    Academic Tutors

                    One on one tutoring with SBL (Success Beyond Limits)

                    Mentoring and Tutoring from York University

                    Tutoring provided by Jane and Finch Community Centre

                    Online Tutoring for Gr.9 - 11:


Gr.8 Transition:  Highly recommended to take reach ahead bridging Math credit during the Summer before entering Gr.9 at Westview.


Waterloo Math contests:


Feb. 23, 2022

Pascal (Gr. 9)

Cayley (Gr. 10)

Fermat (Gr. 11)


Apr. 5, 2022

Euclid (Gr. 12)







Math 2

Math 3

Math 4



Math 6

Math 7