Employment And Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunity

“At the Canadian Wildlife Federation, young people often ask us, “How can I get involved and what can I do to help the planet?”

WILD Outside is a free national conservation-based youth leadership program designed for youth ages 15 to 18. By participating in this immersive program, young Canadians will experience opportunities for personal growth while developing and encouraging their own “conservation ethic.” Learning from CWF facilitators alongside their peers, youth who join the WILD Outside program will connect with other participants in their area by exploring the outdoors and planning and carrying out community-based conservation action projects in Toronto. Participants in the program are encouraged to commit to 120 hours of service activity and engagement over a calendar year and will be recognized for their dedication.

We look forward to welcoming young people to this exciting program and hope to have many different youth from all communities and from many different walks of life and varying experiences.

If you have questions or if you or someone you know is interested please go to http://wildoutside.ca/ for more information and to fill out the online inquiry form.



Part-time Job Opportunities