Grade 8 Info Night

Grade 8

Accelerated OYAP Programs

This is for any students entering their last semester in February, who are interested in the trades. You are encouraged to apply for the Accelerated OYAP program!

Trades such as carpentry, electrician, auto service, baker, brick and stone mason, child and youth worker, construction craft worker, hairstylist and plumber, AND there are more!

You must have completed all of your compulsory credits by February 2020.

For more information come to room 205! The deadline to apply is Friday!

Black Poetry Recitation Contest

The Black Poetry Recitation Contest is a poetry recitation
contest for students in Grades 9 – 12.
Registration is free and open to all students.
• Student contestants choose and learn to recite poems from our anthology of
Black poetry.
• Each student has to commit their selected poem to memory and practise their
recitation skills.
• Students compete in the spring in celebration of Black History Month 2020.
• For students to be eligible for the contest, they must work with a teacher
at their school to participate in the Black Poetry Recitation Contest.
• Finalists will have an opportunity to work with a poet in preparation
for the competition.
• A school can name up to 5 students to participate in the Finals.
• All competitors must be aged 18 or younger by September 30, 2019.
Monday, October 7, 2019: Schools indicate interest in contest at
Monday, November 18, 2019:  Registration of individual student contestants
Saturday, March 7, 2020: Finals at York University



There are two package options that students are encouraged to purchase:


Package 1

Package 2


  • Student Activity Card
  • Yearbook


Cost: $30.00



  • Student Activity Card



Cost: $10.00



Students are required to use a high security lock. Locks are available for purchase in the main office for $10.00

Dress Code:

Westview uniform tops are expected to be worn as the top layer of clothing. All properly fitting black pants may be worn on the bottom.

Cost of Uniform Tops

  • Long Sleeve White or Green Golf Shirts $ 30.00
  • Short Sleeve White or Green Golf Shirts $ 25.00
  • Black Hoodies $30.00
  • Black or White Tshirts - $15.00


Important Notice regarding TDSB Student Accounts: For graduates

Sunsetting Accounts for Graduating Students or Students Leaving TDSB

TDSB accounts for graduating students or students leaving the TDSB will become inactive at the end of the school year.  This includes their Drives, Mail, Calendar, Sites, and access to their H://Drive content.

To prepare students for this transition they will need to either move/download the content using Google Takeout or use Google Transfer to transfer their content using their personal Google account.  Any content on their H://Drive will also no longer be accessible and should also be moved/downloaded.