ACE - Advanced Credit Experience

ACE (Advanced Credit Experience) Program



What is ACE?

The “Advanced Credit Experience” offers students the opportunity to experience post-secondary education at York University while earning a 4U credit at Westview.  

The program also includes:

  • A Grade 12 IDP4U1 credit
  • A University credit that can count towards your post-secondary degree
  • A York University student card, which allows you to access computer labs, sports facilities, libraries, etc. 
  • Tuition credit for York
  • A 2-credit Co-op experience


Who is ACE for?

Students who:

  • Have at least a 65% average in English the previous year
  • Have passed the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test
  • Will be in Grade 11/12 next year
  • Have an interest in going to University
  • Have interest in exploring a university class experience


Why join ACE?

  • Experience post-secondary education at no cost
  • Get a scholarship for doing well in the Program 
  • Earn a University Credit that can be transferred to any University in Ontario
  • Get a York U student card that gives students access to all campus facilities and services
  • Potentially earn a part-time/full-time job from the Co-op placement


Possible York Courses

Every year the York courses change.  Here is a sample of the types of courses Westview students have taken:

  • Introduction to Sculpture: Ceramics
  • Place and Learning
  • What is education for?
  • Rethinking Schooling


York University Tuition Credit

Upon successful completion of the York course, students can earn credit (money!) to be put towards their first year at York!

Earned Grade  Tuition Credit Awarded
A                            $5000
B+  $4000
B $3000
C+ $2000