Week 11

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of November 27th, 2017

Kowsar M.


Downsview’s Student of the Week for the week of November 27th, 2017, is Kowsar M.
Kowsar is an important member of our community who connects with so many of us every day.

Here is what Ms. Walker says:

Kowsar is a joy to have around DSS. She always says hello in the hallway, and she helps keep me organized, bringing my attendance every day--with a smile, never failing to ask how I am.  She is very observant, and is always interested to see what is going on inside my classroom.  The students enjoy her quick visits before she is off helping other teachers to keep organized.

Here is what Ms. Ceroni and Ms. Danner have to say:

This year, Kowsar has demonstrated great growth and achievement in various areas of her program. Each morning, Kowsar’s job is to deliver the attendance to various teachers. She does this successfully and demonstrates strong social skills in the process by greeting teachers by name and responding to their questions appropriately.

Kowsar has made great gains in her ability to verbalize her frustrations and use appropriate calming strategies when difficult situations arise. Also, Kowsar is, overall, more communicative, interacting with staff and peers regularly. For this Kowsar should be proud of her progress.

Kowsar always makes time in her busy day to visit with Mrs. King. Whether it be to drop off the attendance or say “hello” and pick up a treat. Kowsar’s day is not complete without her visit to Mrs. King. I think she is only one of the many people who will be sad to see her go. Kowsar, we are all so proud of you.

And speaking of Mrs. King, she feels much the same way about Kowsar. Mrs. King nominated Kowsar to be student of the week; here is what she says:

Kowsar is a wonderful student whose presence in the office every morning is a great start to my day. Kowsar has a morning job she collects attendance for various teachers and delivers it to their classrooms. In the afternoon, Kowsar comes  in to bring Ms Danner’s attendance and  chat about her day - what she has done -be it computers, math or the smart board;  it is always an enlightening conversation .

Kowsar, you bring joy wherever you go; thank you for being you. Congratulations, Kowsar, on your win as Student of the Week!