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Week 11 - Student of the Week

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of December 5, 2016

Gifford G., Daniel T., Joey H. & Ibraheem S.

Downsview, for the week of December 5th, we are thrilled to honour four outstanding young men as Students of the Week. They are: Gifford G., of the ninth grade, Joey H. of the ninth grade, Ibraheem S. of the tenth grade, and Daniel T. of the ninth grade.

Before we get to the praise for these young men, it must be noted that all but one are in the ninth grade. In fact, they are our first ninth grade winners this year, and only our second tenth grade winner. The message here may be that it can take a while to get noticed for the good things you do at Downsview. When you’re newer and staff members don’t know you as well, time is needed to cement your position as a student to watch. And so, it is all the more impressive that Gifford, Joey, Ibraheem and Daniel have the spotlight.

Mr Syal, their proud mentor in Robotics, started their nomination with these words: “These young men are in grade nine. I am very impressed with the dedication of these four young men. Every day at 7:3am they are waiting for me to open the Robotics Room. They rebuilt our old robot without any experience on their side. They take on projects, without me assigning them. Their dedication to school was highlighted on grade eight parents’ night. They stayed after school and presented their robot to the parents. They are also pleasure to teach.”

We all know that Robotics at DSS means a huge and impressive commitment of time and energy. It seems that the boys have also been making considerable commitments in their classrooms. Let’s hear from Mr Hum: “I have the privilege of teaching both Gifford and Daniel in my classes this semester. Gifford takes his academics seriously and works hard in both Science and Physical Education. He has great habits that will lead him to the promise land in the future. Daniel works just as hard in Phys Ed class and has a great sense of humour. He's an easy-going kind of guy and always seems to have fun, no matter what he is doing. I see a lot of potential as future DSS leaders in both Gifford and Daniel. Gifford and Daniel also love to do card tricks and both have the potential to be the next David Blaine, as they are always fine tuning their craft.”

Ms Jubinville notes that “Daniel Tamayo is a committed member of Downsview Band. He is polite, personable, easy to talk with and a fantastic drummer. He is a pleasure to work with and quick to smile.” Mr Waldman adds that “Daniel has been an exemplary student this year. He works hard and does well in everything he tries. He is polite and helpful and I’m glad to be a part of his education.” Ms DiPonio adds: “Daniel is a natural leader who is always willing to lend a helping hand. He is a hard worker, with natural swag. He has the ability to make any dance move look cool. His kind and light-hearted nature has been an asset to the dance program. It has been a pleasure teaching Daniel.”

And Ms DiPonio has this to say about Gifford: “Gifford is a sharp young man who gives 100% effort in any challenge that comes his way. He is punctual, organised and a natural mover who can tear up the dance floor in any dance style. He's also taught me a few new moves! It has been a pleasure teaching Gifford.”
Ms Law tells us that “Ibraheem has been working very hard and attentively in both of my classes, Math and GLE, and his marks are excellent. He has a very good learning attitude, listening patiently to my instructions, and showing respect for the teacher. I feel much appreciated, being one of his teachers in Downsview.”

And Ms Panavas has this praise for Joey: “Joey has proven himself to be a consistently thoughtful and hard-working student in English class. He really sets himself apart as a Grade nine by jumping into extra-curriculars like robotics club. Joey is very responsible and always willing to help out his technology- challenged teacher, Ms. Panavas, with the classroom computers. Way to go, Joey!"

And way to go, all four of you! Gifford, Joey, Ibraheem and Daniel, your involvement in Robotics is mirrored by your dedication to your studies and your fine characters. We salute you all and congratulate you as winners of the Student of the Week award.
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