Week 5

Week 5

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of November 1st, 2021

Shamiyah S.




Downsview, for the Week of November 1st, your Student of the Week is Shamiyah Sutherland. Shamiyah is in the eleventh grade at Downsview.

Last year was not a banner year for Shamiyah. She knew that she was capable of success, but accessing her strengths eluded her. This year, Shamiyah’s truth is surfacing, and DSS staff members are noticing. Let’s hear from your nominators, Shamiyah. First, from Ms Randhawa: “Shamiyah's positive attitude is so wonderful to have in class. She is eager to get class tasks done and is extremely kind and welcoming of others. She has worked hard this semester and I know she will continue to do so. Her sarcasm is the funniest! Keep up the hard work Shamiyah!” 

And, from Silvana: “Shaymiah, I’m soooo thrilled and proud that you are our Student of the Week.  Shaymiah, you are resilient and caring.  Continue to reflect on your strengths and focus on the end goal. You’ve got this!!!  Congrats on the win!” 

Hear this, from Ms Veoli: “I have the pleasure of being Shamiyah's credit recovery teacher, and I have truly enjoyed every moment of my interactions with her.  She is strong, intelligent, and has consistently worked diligently on completing all of her assignments.  She is someone who expresses her opinions fearlessly, but is always open to hearing other ideas and opinions.  She expresses her truths and is open to the truths of others.  There have been moments in class where she has experienced frustration, but she has consistently pushed through to achieve her end.  Shamiyah, we are rooting for you.  You have the ability to do great things, and we are lucky to see it happen.” 

Mr Lewin says: “Shamiyah Sutherland is an outstanding student who is a positive role model for her peers. She is always working hard and has a positive attitude towards her learning. The Downsview community is so proud of you, Shamiyah,  for all that you have accomplished. Keep up the great work.”

Shamiyah, we see you. We recognize you. We are thrilled to see you learn, grow and achieve. Congratulations again. Your strength of character has earned you the title: Student of the Week.