Week 5

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of October 21, 2019

Ericka S.

Downsview, for the week of October 21st, your Student of the Week is Ericka S.
Ericka is in the twelfth grade; this is her graduating year.

Ericka’s nomination started with Ms Delavinias, a longtime admirer of Ericka’s character. Let’s hear from her: “Ericka is a loving and caring individual who comes to my office to look for food all the time. Seriously, though, she is a grounded young woman who knows when to have fun; she knows how to balance herself – when to be silly and when to put in the work. The other day, DD student Layla was really upset about a personal issue. Ericka’s compassion and care saved the day. She kindly considered Layla’s feelings, not undermining Layla’s feelings, or minimizing the situation. She was empathetic and full of solid advice. She calmed Layla down and walked her to class. The DD staff met Ericka with warmth. They, too, know her well as a supporter of her peers, regardless of their needs and abilities. When having a bad day, Ericka tells me that she goes and visits the DD students to brighten up her day. Ericka is the older daughter I wish I had.”

Ericka’s fine character translates academically. Hear this, from Mr Wallace: “Ericka is serious. Do not mess with her plans or her schooling; she is getting it done. Ericka is a pleasure to teach. Her desire to do well is infectious; she makes the people around her better. Better because she is smart, because she is hard-working, because she doesn't take her future for granted.” And, from Mr Syal: “I have the pleasure of teaching Ericka. She works very hard and is always ready to learn. Most importantly she laughs at all my jokes, no matter how corny they are.”

Ericka, you are a bright light at Downsview, and you are very deserving of this honour. Acts of kindness often go unnoticed; that’s just how the world works. In this case, we noticed. Thank you for being kind, and hard-working. Congratulations once again on your win as Student of the Week.