Week 26

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of April 23, 2019

Ibuola A.


Downsview, for the week of April 15th, your Student of the Week is Ibuola A.
Ibuola is in the tenth grade at Downsview.

Academically, Ibuola is a superstar. His average in the first semester was second to only one other student in his grade, and only three other students in our entire school. While this is not an academic award, it is clear that the attitude he holds about his academics transfers to all aspects of his life. Ibuola dignifies all he touches with excellence.

Hear this, from Ibuola’s first nominator, Ms Veoli: “I have known Ibuola in many little contexts, but these little pieces have come together into a wonderful, vibrant picture. Ibuola often assists in the library and is consistently invested in doing an excellent job in whatever task he is given. He is always reliable, always responsible. I also very much admired his dedication to preparing for the OSSLT, through coming in to the extra-help classes after school, to completing practice tasks on his own time and getting my feedback over lunches. He put forth an incredibly strong effort to prepare for the literacy test, which speaks to his dedication to excellence in whatever he encounters. Above all, Ibuola is consistently kind, positive, and simply a joy to be around. Young man, you are going places. Downview is lucky to be a little part of your long journey.”

And, from Mr Syal: “I had pleasure of teaching Ibuola. He is a very quiet and hardworking student. He is always on task and encourages others to complete their work. I am very impressed with his knowledge and dedication to his education. I wish him great success in the future.”

From Chef Sandra: “As a Breakfast Club volunteer, I know I can count on Ibuola. He is very punctual, takes control of the space with ease, and show leadership. Ibuola has mentored other volunteers in the early days, helping them to get in the swing of things. I enjoy my mornings serving students alongside the Breakfast Club volunteers, and Ibuola is a highly valued member of the crew.”

From Mr Ramnaraine: “Ibuola is a valued member of the Library Council. When he volunteers his time in the library he comes in with such a pleasant attitude and a willingness to do anything he can do to help. His support in our school library has made it such an amazing space to be. Way to go Ibuola!”

Finally, from Ms Doucet: “Ibuola is a fantastic student and a wonderful person. Each and every day he comes into my room with a positive attitude and a friendly greeting, and he makes me feel lucky to teach him. He is smart, kind, helpful, and generous with his time and energy with his friends. Ibuola is also wise beyond his years. He is committed to doing well in school because he understands the value of education, and he is determined to make the most of the opportunities he has to learn. He deserves this recognition and more for his commitment to himself and to his school community.”

We’ll say it once more, Ibuola. Way to go – you are the epitome of the well-rounded student, strong inside the classroom, strong in the school community. Congratulations once again on your win as Student of the Week.