Week 26

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of May 31, 2021

Ibuola A.


Downsview, for the week of May 31st, your Student of the Week is Ibuola A.
Ibuola is in the twelfth grade; he will graduate soon. Recently, Ibuola was chosen to represent the Class of 2021 as Valedictorian. The group of nominees was strong; Ibuola found himself in excellent company. In the end, he won the greatest number of votes, and won the title: Valedictorian. 

Ibuola, your peers have chosen you. And now, staff members at Downsview also choose you as Student of the Week. Let’s hear first from Dr Syal: “I have had the pleasure of teaching Iboula for 4 years. Once every decade, a student like Iboula comes to Downsview. He is a naturally talented and dedicated student. He always comes to school with a positive attitude. I saw him every day in the breakfast room serving food to all the students. He always greets people with a smile on his face.  He naturally cares about his community. Last year, he got involved with Robotics.  I wish Iboula much success with his future endeavors. I know where he will go, and it’s exciting. He is going to make Downsview proud.”

And, from Silvana: “Iboula. Student, Leader, Valedictorian, Gentleman, Kind, Attentive, Focussed, These are a few of the words that describe you. Iboula, you have been a role model to many and stellar at self-discipline and focussing on your academic and personal goals. We have been fortunate to have you at DSS and we wish you success in your future endeavours, we know wherever life brings you, you will be sure to make it successful and spread your kindness to all. Best wishes.”

From Ms Sulaj: “It has been a pleasure teaching Ibuola in Science and Biology courses and seeing him grow as a student and a young individual. Ibuola is a well-rounded student, he is very respectful to his teachers, other staff members and his peers. He is very organized, hard worker, punctual and has a very positive attitude toward learning, always engaged in the lessons, laboratories, and other activities, asking questions to enhance his learning, showing leadership skills by leading group work and discussions, assisting his peers as the need arose.

Ibuola’s remarkable qualities such as determination, dedication, reliability, confidence, leadership and the positive approach to everything that it comes on his path help him overcome every obstacle and achieve his goals. Ibuola is an outstanding student with a bright future ahead of him. Congratulations Ibuola on your win as Student of the Week we are proud of you and your achievements! I wish you the best on your future endeavours.”

And from Ms de Jersey: “I have shared this moment in reference letters for scholarships that I have written for Ibuola. One day, in Breakfast Club, Ibuola asked about the upcoming exam period. Chef Sandra let him know that Breakfast Club would be open, but he need not come in, as he didn’t need to be in the building every day. He replied that as we would be open, he would be there. And, he was. That response encapsulates Ibuola for me: loyal, dedicated and quick-to-decide and move ahead. Ibuola is the guy you want on your team.”

Ibuola, you have heard it here. You have made a big mark on all of us at Downsview, and we are grateful. Thank you, and congratulations on your win as Student of the Week.