Week 14

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of January 7, 2019

Kevin K.


Downsview, it is a pleasure to announce the first Student of the Week for the new year. For the week of January 7th, 2019, we honour Kevin K.
Kevin is in the twelfth grade at Downsview.

Kevin’s nomination starts with this, from Chef Sandra: “Kevin is like a Production Manager in the Breakfast Club. He is the behind-the-scenes, keenly observant, take-care-of-business guy. He’s totally reliable, he sees everything and he works hard. Kevin never seeks recognition, but he really deserves to be honoured. He is a quiet leader.”

Ms Law has this high praise to add: “Kevin is one of the best students I've ever taught at Downsview. In the past, I taught him before in GLE class, and I still miss his big smiles, enthusiastic manners, and diligent work habits. Congratulations to you, Kevin!”

From Mr Roberts: “Kevin started the French class shy and not wanting to say one word. It's December and now he is able to express himself in French in front of his peers. Kevin is an example supporting the fact that any student can be capable of being successful in learning a second language (French). He has excellent student skills and will be missed when he graduates this year. F√©licitation, Kevin!”

Ms Maloney says: “I remember having Kevin for history two years ago. He sat at the back and was silent. Bit by bit we began to talk, it started with a simple "hi" and "how was your weekend?" Two years on he has opened up and to see him assist in the breakfast programme makes my heart glow.”

Ms Pal adds: “Kevin is really evolving as a leader! He has gained so much confidence, and he understands the importance of self-advocacy. Last year he made the decision to challenge himself by changing his academic level, and his hard work paid off. His perseverance shows that, if you believe in yourself, you can do it!”

Hear this, from Mr MacDonald: “Kevin is a kind and helpful student whose self-discipline with his learning is very impressive. I really appreciate when Kevin comes to guitar class early to help set up the room and organize the instruments. Downsview and myself are very lucky to have Kevin as a student. Congratulations, Kevin!”

Kevin, the quality of your win brings to mind the sentiment that it’s not where you start, and it’s not where you finish in life – it’s the space between the two that counts. That space represents growth. Looking back on the testimonials from DSS staff, Kevin, it’s clear that you have grown and you continue to move ahead and test your limits. Congratulations once again, Kevin K., on your win as Student of the Week.