Week 9

Week 9

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of November 29th, 2021

Mahnoor O.

Student of the Week Week 9



Downsview, for the week of November 29th, your Student of the Week is Mahnoor Omari. Mahnoor is in the eleventh grade at Downsview.


Let’s get right to the praise for Mahnoor, starting with this, from Ms de Jersey:  “I met Mahnoor last year, when she was a student in Careers class. I was buoyed daily by Mahnoor’s positive, inclusive energy. She loves learning, she is kind to everyone, and she has a clear, bright vision of herself in the world. What’s most impressive about Mahnoor? Her bravery and determination. Those of you who have moved from another country and made a second home in Canada understand the challenges woven into this transition. Mahnoor has met and continues to meet and exceed all issues that come her way. Mahnoor’s got this.”


And, from Mr Lewin: “Dear Mahnoor Omari, We are so proud of you .You are doing very well  in school. It is visibly apparent that you are committed to achieving excellence both within and outside of the classroom. You are a compassionate, reflective, and empathic leader who is committed to making a positive difference in your school community. Keep up the great work!” 


And, from Ms Susnik: “Congratulations Mahnoor!  Your dedication, motivation and commitment to your academics are exceptional.  Your contributions to the Downsview's Breakfast Club are awe-inspiring and we all appreciate your efforts.  Keep up the good work!”


From Mr Wallace: “How does Mahnoor approach a world full of problems, strife and suffering? She doesn't run away from it, that's for sure. She'll face it straight on. But that's not where she stops. She also recognizes the beauty in the world, the kindness, the joys of curiosity and learning, the value of friendship. Mahnoor is highly intelligent, and she shares her approach and learning with whomever asks for it; she volunteers to help and support. It is a special gift to walk so quietly, humbly even, and yet have such an impact on those around her.”


Ms Randhawa says: “I had the pleasure of meeting Mahnoor in Grade 9. Her kind personality and involvement at DSS are commendable. She is an active member in many clubs and cares to make this school experience great for all her peers. Keep up the hard work!”


Mahnoor, you’ve heard it here. You are an activist. Through your involvement as a leader at Downsview, you extend your energy to those around you, offering the most precious of all gifts: your time. We thank you Mahnoor, and we honour you this week as our Student of the Week.