Week 9

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of January 25, 2021

Esad O.



Downsview, for the week of January 25th, your Student of the Week is Esad O.
Esad is in the eleventh grade.

Esad’s nomination started with Ms Sully, his Construction Technology teacher, who noted that he is “absolutely crushing it in class”. This is big praise; let’s hear more. “Esad is incredibly steadfast and determined. He puts forth a meticulous effort and will keep revisiting his works until they are perfect. He does everything with perfect class.”

And, from Ms Walker: “Esad is new to my class this year, and he is an absolute pleasure to have. He impresses me with his enthusiasm for learning, curiosity and his willingness to take risks. He is often the first one to offer an opinion, ask or answer a question during class discussions. He is fearless when it comes to education; clearly a life-long learner. We’re all masked this year, but I did get a glimpse of a beautiful smile one day when everyone had their cameras on. The world has changed, but Esad is the definition of perseverance; he never gives up and is an extremely hard worker. Skills that are transferable and admirable. It will take him far.”

Ms Karwasra has this to say: “I had the pleasure of teaching Esad in ESL Science class. He is a very hard-working student and is always willing to learn.Throughout quad 1 he was an active participant in class discussions, and he always supported his peers. His caring nature and personality allow him to work well with others in a team setting, as he always respected others' opinions even when they differ from his own. He consistently looked out for constructive feedback so he can improve his writing skills.”

And Mr Pasian sums things up with this: “Hardworking student.  Determined. Polite. Conscientious.  Willing to help others with school work.  Determined to achieve high marks and do well in Mathematics.”

Esad, Downsview sees many high-achieving students, and you are one of them. It is the character behind your achievements that has distinguished you, and put you in the limelight this week. Your fine qualities outlined here will take you far, Esad. Congratulations once again on your win as Student of the Week.