Week 9

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of November 19, 2018

Dehannah A. and Reyanna R.


Downsview, for the week of November 19th, it is a pleasure to honour two students, Dehannah A. and Reyanna R., as Students of the Week. Both young women are in the twelfth grade.

This nomination comes from Ms de Jersey, and she has a lot to say about these two young women: “I have known both girls since they started here at Downsview in ninth grade, but I only really got to know them last year, when they were students in Positive Peer Culture. PPC class is all about communication – sharing issues, talking them through, and learning to listen better and to talk more effectively. Dehannah was a natural from the start. Despite some fractures in our group, she succeeded in asking thoughtful questions, showing a deep level of caring and demonstrating leadership at every turn. Her attendance was strong, and she impressed me over and over with her intuitive observations. Reyanna was quieter, but she grew. I saw the leadership in her bubble to the surface on many occasions; and, when our group ended, it felt like Reyanna’s growth was just kicking in. And sure enough, in September, there she was, ready to lead. Reyanna and Dehannah joined our leaders at Forest Valley, and they also joined Dare 2 Inspire. For our recent 16km walk, these two raised an amazing $223 – the highest amount raised by a duo of members. Ask anyone – fundraising is hard. It requires asking a tough question, being open to rejection, and being ready to stand by your cause.  These two did an exemplary job, and showed younger members how to boldly forge ahead, how to fundraise with confidence. Aside from their strengths as leaders, I simply enjoy the company of these two; they kept me and Mr Bovey laughing on our long walk. They are fun, lively, smart and giving, and I am better for knowing them.”

Mr Bovey says this: “I had never taught these two before the walk. I noticed that at some points, they were way behind, but by the end, when we made it to the finish line, they perked up and walked tall. They were proud of themselves and they should be.” Ms Doucet adds: “Reyanna is a sweet, bright young woman who is always willing to help a classmate. She brings her positive attitude to class with her, and is always asking questions and trying to learn new things.” And Ms Khona notes that Reyanna and Dehannah are: “hardworking, kind and resilient. I know they will be successful in whatever they do.”

Always remember: it’s not about where you start or where you finish, it’s about the distance between. How much have you changed and grown? Dehannah, Reyanna, you are growing in leaps and bounds. Thank you and congratulations on your wins as Students of the Week.