Week 22 - Student of the Week

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
April 1, 2024

Justin B.


Downsview, for the week of April 2nd, your Student of the Week is Justin B.
Justin is in the twelfth grade at Downsview.

We’ve all heard the expression: “it’s the quality that matters, not the quantity.” This rings true when speaking about Justin. Justin only started at Downsview this year. It would have been easy for him to put his head into his classes, and only this, and plough through the year. Instead, Justin made the choice to become a thoroughly and actively engaged member of our school community.

Let’s start with this, from Dr Syal: “Justin is part of the Robotics Team.  One afternoon, Justin innocently walked into the robotics room, and it was the end.  He became a full-blooded robotics member.  He has received several promotions in a short span, from tool manager to human player to operator to driver.  Everyone on this team has admired his calm and tactical approach.  At the tournament, he drove the bot and negotiated with other teams to select our team as alliance partners.  He is determined to succeed.  He is also academically solid.  Downsview is blessed to have such a talented student.  I wish Justin good luck with future endeavours.”

And, from Mr Hum: “Justin has only been at Downsview for this school year and wow, what an impact he has had in such a short time. Justin is the manager of the boys soccer program. He is not only someone who is in charge of equipment or setting up drills for the team but he actually helps coach the team. Justin is very insightful and his tactical awareness of the game is impressive. His calm demeanour as a coach is much appreciated on the pitch. Justin will make a great head coach one day. In the classroom, Justin is also a superstar. His end goal is to be a surgeon and he’s well on his way. You can often see Justin practicing his suturing skills on his stitching kit. With such steady hands, I know where to go next time I need stitches! Congratulations Justin! Keep up the great work.”

Mr Wallace has this to say: “Justin is a force that quietly entered Downsview and has made his mark. He is effective, smart and kind. I first saw him in action when he was presenting during a competition to win money for a charity of his choice. He won; he was awesome: clear, organized, knowledgeable and engaged. In fact, engaged is the word. Indoor soccer, Co-Manager of Girls' Soccer, in the class. Wherever Justin is, good things happen.”

And, from Mr Soberano: "While I haven't had the opportunity to teach Justin in a class, he has been quite the student leader. I first met Justin for Tools of Possibility, setting the tone for the astronomy team. Justin was a natural leader, in presenting our lesson and keeping the eighth graders engaged and interested. He made sure that all of us were kept in orbit and not off-course. Although most of the ‘heavy lifting’ was done by Justin, he had no complaints and persevered.

Justin is also one of our managers for girls' soccer, and he brings his previous managerial knowledge to each of our practices. Some of Justin's observations are similar to ours, so another set of eyes to pick out talent has been key. If there's something that any of us coaches might have missed, Justin is quick and keen to point it out, highlighting his attention to detail. 

Justin is always willing to lend a helping hand, and can take the reins at the forefront to lead a team. He wants everyone to succeed, and does his absolute best to ensure it. Congratulations on this achievement, continue with all your great work!"  

And, wrapping things up, let’s hear from Mr Phillips: “Though Justin has been in Downsview for a very short time he has quickly established himself as someone who is reliable and academically inclined. He has a kind assertiveness that is rare to see in students these days. He was among the top students in my chemistry class and was often found helping other students with their chemistry and mathematics homework. I've also had the opportunity to work with Justin on the robotics team and have seen him become a wonderful leader and a great driver! In addition he's quick-witted and has a great sense of humor! Congrats Justin on earning Student of the Week!”

Justin, you heard it here from different folks. The message is the same: your involvement and mentorship make us better. Thank you, Justin, and congratulations on your win as Student of the Week.