Week 22

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of March 25, 2019

Keren V.


Downsview, for the week of March 25th, your Student of the Week is Keren V.
Keren is in the twelfth grade, and she will graduate soon.

Keren has been on the sidelines for a while for this award, unknowingly awaiting her moment in the sun. Let’s let the picture of Keren take shape through these words. First, from Mr Bovey: “Keren was a strong leader on the volleyball team, pretty much running it, from a ‘coach without a clue’. I like that Keren can take a joke and not get offended; she has a great sense of humour. I also like seeing her passion; she cares about things and she doesn’t give up on them. Her involvement in leadership is not always recognized, but it shows in places where there are gaps. Keren is a good observer and she cares about people.”

Ms Stuckless, who mentored Keren in the leadership program through ninth and tenth grades, says: “Keren has a calm demeanour and she supports her friends well. In leadership, she takes charge of activities without much prompting. I remember this about her when our school ran Relay for Life a few years back. I wish Keren success in the future.”

Ms de Jersey adds: “I had the pleasure of teaching Keren in Positive Peer Culture twice. The two classes were quite different, but Keren’s powerful input was a constant. It doesn’t surprise me that Keren aims at doing humanitarian work in the future. She is deeply interested in people. Her instincts in conversation are excellent; she is able to hone in kindly, but firmly on what is important to a speaker. Using humour and empathy, she encourages deeper conversation, peeling away layers, until the core of concern is revealed. I mean it when I say that she is really good at this; she was already naturally in possession of many of the skills learned in PPC class, and I know that she will carry these with her. Keren is a leader, and while she may meander from the course, and question the course now and then, the course is in her. She knows what she needs to do.”

Earlier, it was mentioned that Keren has been on the sidelines for this award. Make no mistake: Keren is not a young woman to be sidelined. She is no one’s “back-up dancer”. She has earned this recognition through years of service to our school.  Her contributions to Black Brilliance, African Heritage Month, Tokens 4 Change, Parents’ Nights, Relay for Life and more add up. This week is yours. Congratulations to you, Keren, our Student of the Week.