Week 22

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of March 19th, 2018

Ibraheem S.


Downsview, for the week of March 19th, your Student of the Week is Ibraheem S.
Ibraheem is in the eleventh grade, and this is his third win. This win, however, is most significant, as this is Ibraheem’s first solo win of this award. He has won in groups before, but this time, he owns the podium.

Let’s get right to the praise, starting with words from Ms Walker: “I know Ibraheem through the robotics team, so when I think of him, I think of dedication and perseverance. He is consistent in his efforts with robotics, and never gives up, willing to rethink a problem to come up with the best solution.  Infinitely polite, and observant, Ibraheem is a delight in the morning.  He is very often the first face I see on the school doorstep at 7.30, ready to get to work! --notably always ready to work before his peers and his teachers ...even on the snowstorm days.  A role model for all of us, to be sure.”

Ms Law adds: “Ibraheem, who is in my MEL Math class, is indeed a hard-working and responsible student to teach. He comes to class on time and is eager to learn any Math skills he needs to excel in the course.”

And from Mr Syal, Ibraheem’s guide and mentor in all things robotic: “Ibraheem is a dedicated member of the robotics team. He is the backbone of our team; without him the team would not be the same. He organizes all our tools and finds all the spare parts. He has worked on designing, electrical, pneumatics, and construction. He leads by example and he is a great mentor for young members. His excellent ability to drive has won us many games and got us selected for the Durham College Tournament.  I hope to see him grow as a leader at Downsview; I know he will.”

Clearly, Ibraheem’s dedication to the Robotics Team was the driving force in his winning this award. What’s under the surface is most important – the time he has given, his attention to detail and his leadership. The character he has brought to this team is the fabric of Ibraheem; the strength of his character will transfer to other endeavours. It’s a pleasure to witness your growth, Ibraheem; we are all the better for having you at Downsview. Congratulations once again on your win as Student of the Week.