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English is a significant subject which is required throughout a student’s four years of high school. Developing language and literacy skills are important for success in both our daily lives and when students move on to post secondary education and beyond. Students are exposed to a variety of texts (visual, graphic, oral, written) that enable them to become critical learners. The courses are designed to further develop the oral communication, reading, writing, and media literacy skills that students need for success in their secondary school academic programs and in their daily lives.


Below are the courses offered in English:



The Academic/ University courses assist students in critically analysing a variety of texts and having them create media texts. Also, students are explicitly taught effective reading and writing strategies to enable them to further develop their literacy skills. In grade ten, students begin to focus on their identity, perceptions of self and how others perceive them. Africentric English is a great opportunity for students to learn about the African Diaspora through the examination of film, short stories, myths, poetry, plays, novels and much more.

ENG 1DP- Grade 9, Africentric

ENG 1D1- Grade 9, Academic

ENG 2DP-Grade 10 Africentric

ENG 2D1- Grade 10, Academic



The Applied courses enable students to identify a variety of texts and begin to apply it to their own writing. Students use graphic organizers to help them better understand texts and aid with the writing process. Also, students are explicitly taught reading and writing strategies to further develop their literacy skills.

ENG 3C1- Grade 11, College

ENG 4C1- Grade 14, College 




The Locally Developed courses assist students in their transitioning from Middle school to high school by exposing them to a variety of texts and teaching them explicit reading and writing strategies at their level. The material is scaffolded to address each student’s individual needs.

ENG 2L- Grade 10, Locally Developed





The University level courses discuss theoretical concepts: utopian and dystopian perspectives and examine the concept of “Establishing voice” by having the students write a variety of written forms and read complex non-fictional and fictional texts. The new Understanding Contemporary First Nations, Métis and Inuit Voices Course offers students an opportunity to explore Indigenous voices and literature to develop critical reading and writing skills. Through each course, students become better and more proficient writers, further develop creativity and establish written, authentic voices. 

ENG 3UV- Grade 11, Africentric

NBE 3U1, Grade 11, Understanding Contemporary First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Voices

ENG 4UV-Grade 12, Africentric

ENG 4U1-Grade 12, University 





The College level courses examine texts through a social justice lens, the main idea being how an individual overcomes adversity. Students critically think about their personal identity and future goals through the analysis of various texts in relation to their own lives. The Workplace courses assist students in furthering their own proficiency in writing and reading general texts.

ENG 3C- Grade 11, College Preparation

ENG 3E- Grade 11, Workplace

ENG 4C- Grade 12, College Preparation

ENG 4E- Grade 12, Workplace





The ELS course helps to further boost students’ reading and writing skills in preparation for the OSSLT. The major skills covered are: summarizing, skimming and scanning, making connections, predicting etc. The Media course enables students to better understand how Media shapes their world, how they shape the Media and what is ‘really’ happening behind the scenes. Students produce videos and documentaries and also, attend cool media field trips. In addition, the Presentation course focuses on the oral communication strand of English. Students become more confident public speakers, gain valuable skills, and express themselves in a clear and coherent manner.

ESLAO8 –Grade 9, English as a Second Language

ESLBO8– Grade 10, English as a Second Language

ESLCO8– Grade 11, English as a Second Language

ESLDO8– Grade 12, English as a Second Language

ESLEO8–  Grade 12, English as a Second Language

OLC 401- Grade 12, Ontario Secondary School Literacy Course