Week 29

Week 29

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of June 6th, 2022

Justin E.

Downsview, for the week of June 6th, your Student of the Week is Justin Enriquez. Justin is in the twelfth grade and he will graduate soon.

There is a whole lot of love for this wonderful young man, from all corners of our school, so let’s get right to the praise. First, from Mr Henriques, who launched Justin’s nomination: “Justin is an exceptional student that has shown an immense amount of potential. I had the privilege of teaching Justin in both English and Physical Education where he was always brimming with positivity each day. His sense of humour and personality really added a great element to each and every class. I truly believe he will continue to accomplish great things as he moves forward into his post-secondary life.”

From Mr Lewin: “Congratulations, Justin  Enriquez, for the incredible contributions that you have made to the Downsview school community. Currently, Justin is an honour roll  student who is committed to achieving excellence both within school and in the larger society. We are so proud of all  that you have accomplished. The sky is the limit for this remarkable student. Keep up the great work!”

Hear this, from Mr Ramnaraine: “I've had the pleasure of getting to know Justin through his participation in the Boys2Men program since he started in the 9th grade. He is kind, hard-working and such a positive young man. I am so proud to see Justin's growth over the last 4 years. Congratulations Justin on a well deserved award!”

Mr do Carmo adds: “I have had the pleasure of Justin's presence in my classes most of his 4 years at Downsview. Somewhat quiet, kind, pleasant and generous are some of the words that come to mind about his character. He takes care in making sure his assignments always meet or exceed the expected criteria. He also is quite helpful to his classmates as he is easy to approach and always willing to help his peers succeed. A very well deserved student of the week. As always, great work Justin. Keep it up.”

From Mr Syal: “I have had the pleasure of teaching Justin for two years. He is respectful and a delight to work with. In addition, he is the only student in grade 12 physics who has a functional calculator. Thanks for carrying out lengthy calculations with your calculator. Justin, I wish you all the best with your future endeavours.”

And from Ms Susnik: “I first met Justin Enriques when he graciously volunteered his time to scorekeep for the coed volleyball team.  This was a daunting task as he had to learn quite an extensive scoresheet.  I was impressed with his dedication and selflessness.  Justin did an amazing job score keeping. Congratulations Justin on being Student of the Week.”

Ms Persaud has this to say: “I had the pleasure of teaching Justin in the first semester. Justin is an ambitious and hard working student. He is always kind and supportive of his peers. In addition to his strong academic abilities, Justin is a pleasant student whose warm 'Good Morning greeting' always brightens up my day! Congratulations Justin and all the best with your future endeavors!”

Justin, your fine character has made an impression. You’ll continue to do so, no doubt. Justin, have confidence in the strength of your character. Downsview staff cannot be wrong about your great strengths. Congratulations once again, Justin, on your win as Student of the Week.