Week 29

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of May 13, 2019

Da Lin L.

Da Lin

Downsview, for the week of May 13th, your Student of the Week is Da Lin L.
Da Lin is in the twelfth grade, and will graduate soon.

Da Lin’s nomination comes from Mr Bovey. Let’s hear what he has to say: “On Friday May 3rd, Da Lin attended an Author's Day at the University of Toronto.  She was selected to attend as a result of a short story that she entered into the TCTE Fiction Contest. Da Lin's story was one of about 50 short-listed to be reviewed for the competition and at the Author's Day she represented Downsview very well. The afternoon started with a large group, made up of teachers, students and published authors. Da Lin spoke to this group about her experience in a film workshop earlier this year. When the group broke up into smaller groups led by authors, Da Lin volunteered to be the first to read a selection from her story which was then critiqued by an author/facilitator as well as the eight other students in the group. This was a very brave act - Da Lin had to put herself out there, really exposing herself and her writing. This also speaks of the positive attitude and desire to improve that is at the very core of Da Lin's nature. She is always working to improve herself but does so in a quiet and unobtrusive way. Although her story was not selected to be published, she should be congratulated her for the effort and perseverance it took to get her story written and submitted and also for the way she represented our school!”

Da Lin, any artist will tell you that creating art, be it visual or written, is an act of exploring oneself. There is a vulnerability in this act and, as Mr Bovey notes, this takes courage. It is easy to say “no”; to say “yes” means that you are open to criticism and perhaps rejection. You are, however, also open to positive feedback, appreciation and kindness. You are also open to growth. Taking a risk always involves dancing on this line and accepting the results.

Ms de Jersey adds: “Da Lin has shown for several years now that she is fierce. Do not let her diminutive, quiet exterior fool you – she is a force. She has persevered through difficult personal challenges, and come out stronger and more confident. She has made her way, very much under her own guidance. Da Lin, you have taken risks in the past, and you are better for this. I know that you will continue to stand up, to exercise your growing and strong voice.”

Da Lin, this is your week. Congratulations once again on your win as Student of the Week.