Week 1

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of September 24, 2018

Jennifer E


Downsview, for the week of September 24th, your Student of the Week is Jennifer E.
Jennifer is in the eleventh grade at Downsview.

Jennifer is, as you are all aware, the very first student to be honoured with this award, for this school year. Extra care was taken in her selection, to ensure that we start the year highlighting someone who is all-round excellent. And here she is. Let’s hear more from her nominators.

First, from Mr Wallace: “Jennifer is in the 11th grade. She is one of those quiet students who does not draw attention to herself. But don't be fooled. Every time she is asked to step up, she steps up big. Academically, she pushes for excellence in everything she does. Whenever an assignment requires creativity, she does not hold back. Her art and graphics are powerful; her ability to use images to convey meaning on powerful topics is impressive. Jennifer also happens to sing. She brought her talent to last year's musical, raising the game for everyone. Jennifer understands what it means to take a risk for something worthwhile. She will pause, take a breath, and then say yes. Once she says yes, she is totally committed. She is a compelling role model, but don't tell her I said that!”

Mr Wallace, we have broken the silence. And there is more, from Ms D’Andrea: “Jennifer was a lead role in our most recent school musical and she delivered an amazing performance. She has such a beautiful singing voice and an authentic approach approach in her acting. I am so proud of her for her performances and also for her mature, responsible and respectful attitude in rehearsals and behind the scenes. I hope I will get to work with Jennifer again or at least see her shine on stage again at Downsview! Congratulations on winning Student of the Week!”

And hear this, from Ms Jubinville: “Jennifer is a hard working talented young lady.  She is imaginative, intelligent and thoughtful.  Last year in Musical Theatre Class she helped write an inclusive Fractured Fairytale script and worked with members of Ms. Sera’s D.D class.  Jennifer is a pleasure to teacher and I wish her all this best this school year and beyond.”

Jennifer, the fact that your nominators include one on maternity leave and one who has moved to a new school is telling. The extra effort they put forward to cement your win is noteworthy – they believe in you. Thank you, Jennifer, for quietly but soundly bringing your talents to the fore. You are very deserving of the inaugural Student of the Week award.