Week 1

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of November 2, 2020

Alecia R.


Downsview, on this day, November 2nd, we crown our first Student of the Week. Alecia R., of the tenth grade is the worthy recipient.

Alecia’s nomination started with Mr Wallace. Here is what he has to say: “Alecia was already making a name for herself last year with her strong and insightful voice as a contributor during Black Brilliance. I have watched her leadership in class this year in English class. She is unafraid to speak, she is unafraid to make mistakes. As a result, she makes the spaces she is in more relaxed for everyone. She reaches out to include others, building community as she goes. Oh, and she is a hard-working, academically ambitious student who makes the people around her better.”

Ms Kozemveski adds this: “Fantastic choice. I have Alecia right now as a math student and she is a remarkable young lady...very dedicated and hard working. She puts forth a consistent effort every single day. I also had her briefly in grade 9, but with class reshuffling, she ended up in another class. Just in this short time, it is evident that she has matured and become more serious about her academics. She is doing phenomenal in math class right now and I believe she will continue to do so going forward.  Keep up the good work Alecia.”

Ms Persaud, teaching at Virtual School this year, made the effort to add these words: “I had the pleasure of teaching Alecia in grade nine English. She is a determined, opinionated student who is always willing to help her peers. She is an active participant in class and I can always rely on her to complete a task. I have no doubts that she will be successful as a lawyer if she is still set on pursuing this career path. Congratulations on being student of the week! You've earned it!”

And finally, our friend and partner, Amita, who worked alongside Alecia at Black Brilliance 2019 has these words: “Alecia is committed to social justice issues and has insight beyond her years. She is funny, serious when she needs to be, wise and adds an incredible contribution to Downsview SS!”

Alecia, the votes are in. You have earned this title. It’s crystal clear that your leadership, work ethic and intellectual curiosity make you the perfect premiere Student of the Week. Thank you for leading the way, and congratulations again.