Week 1

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of September 23, 2019

Jenny L. & Sia C.


Downsview, it is a great pleasure to announce our first Students of the Week for the 2019-2020 school year. Sia C. and Jenny L., both of the eleventh grade, are our worthy winners.

Choosing the first Students of the Week is tricky. The year is beginning, and we want to set the right tone, with strong, capable and steady recipients. That said, the choice of Student Leaders Sia and Jenny felt right. The endorsements from our staff are enthusiastic and diverse. Let's hear from DSS staff more about our winners.

From our Child and Youth Counsellor, Silvana: “Jenny and SIa have been a powerful quiet force at Downsview since they started grade nine. They have been instrumental in their participation in the QSA, always willing to lend a hand to orchestrate a group event and to be role models and leaders of inclusivity, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. Jenny and Sia, thank you for showing us that kindness does make a difference to our school community.”

From Ms D'Andrea: “Jenny is a pleasure to teach in my ballet class this semester. She works so hard, has a great attitude and has improved so much in dance over the past few years. I can't wait to see her progress both in class and on dance company this year. She is kind and respectful and I look forward to teaching her every day. Congratulations Jenny!

Sia has done a fantastic job with helping to clean up the sound and lighting booth. She has put in many hours after school helping to keep our spaces in the arts clean, safe and welcoming. As a member of our stage crew, she has shown professionalism, reliability, and skill. Thank you for all that you do in the arts, Sia, and for being a friendly face to say good morning to each day. Congratulaions on your win!”

From Ms Veoli and Mr Ramnaraine: “Jenny and Sia are members of our library council, and so we are privileged to see them almost every day at lunch in the library. In this way, we have come to know both Jenny and Sia and are all the better for it.

Jenny: She is thoroughly kind, gentle, yet strong and intensely smart. She is always willing to assist in the events taking place in the library, and completes each task with high standards of excellence. I know when I ask Jenny for her assistance or participation in any task, I can trust that the job will be done very well. Even in casual conversations on the TTC when going on library council trips, it is apparent to me that she is going places, and her presence makes Downsview a more wonderful space. Thanks Jenny, for being you.

Sia has a strong and intelligent presence, topped off with an incredible sense of humour. She is a creative being who has wonderful insights about the world around her, including where to get the best food in the city! I have very much appreciated her insights about key issues regarding equity, and she has always taken the road of advocacy and voicing her beliefs with passion and kindness. We are lucky to have her as part of our library council, as her ideas and presence make our space better. Looking forward to another year of library council craziness with you, Sia!”

Sia and Jenny, you have won this award as a duo. Perhaps your friendship and your hard work at DSS merged your nominations. You need to know, however, that you both each have earned this honour. You differ in your strengths, and we value your strengths. Congratulations once again on being our inaugural Students of the Week.