Week 17

Week 17

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of Match 7th, 2022

Jasmine A.



Downsview, for the week of March 7th, your Student of the Week is Jasmine Aguiran. Jasmine is in the eleventh grade at Downsview.

If you think you don’t know Jasmine, you may be incorrect. If you travel through our Breakfast Club in the mornings, you will see Jasmine’s smiling face. She has been a steady volunteer with the program this year. Let’s be honest, Downsview students, lots of you would rather spend a little extra time in your beds than be at the Breakfast Club at 8:15 every morning. Ms de Jersey greatly appreciates the gift that Jasmine gives in the form of her time and positive energy.

Let’s hear from others. From Ms Susnik: “Jasmine is a quiet, hard working, energetic student who was a pleasure to work with at the breakfast program and teach in the first semester.  Wishing Jasmine good luck in semester two and congratulations on winning Student of the Week.”

Hear this, from Mr Lewin: “Jasmine Aguiran is an outstanding student who is doing exceptionally well in school. Jasmine is a strong community leader who is currently part of  Downsview 's Breakfast Program. She is also part of Downsview's Africentric program. Jasmine is  a caring, reflective and perceptive young woman who is always willing to help those who are in need. Keep up the superlative work, Jasmine!”

From Ms Lee: “Jasmine is kind and has a willingness to help her classmates and her teachers. She has a quiet yet strong presence at DSS through her participation in extra- curricular activities and in the classroom. When Jasmine is around, she takes action and things get done. She does this with a collaborative manner, politeness, and positive attitude. Jasmine is a true gem. Keep up the great work!”

Mr Wallace says: “Jasmine is part of the backbone of Downsview. She supports so many aspects of school without making a fuss. She is a hard-working, perceptive student who supports and inspires her peers. I don't know how many times I have seen her welcoming new people into Downsview. She is part of Student Council and so many other things. She is a go-to, get-it-done kind of person. What does it say about Jasmine that the people around her are so often smiling?”

And, from Ms Persaud: “Although I have never had the privilege of having Jasmine in my class, her commitment and participation in Student Council prove she is a bright and confident student who takes pleasure in leading and supporting her peers. Congratulations Jasmine on earning Student of the Week!”

Jasmine, you heard it here. The effort you put into your classes is mirrored by the effort you put into your many involvements at DSS. We value your leadership, Jasmine, and are thrilled that you have earned the title: Student of the Week!