Week 17

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of February 11, 2019

Nazefah S.


Downsview, your first student of the week for the final semester is Nazefah S.
Nazefah is in the twelfth grade; she will graduate in June.

Mr Wallace, Nazefah’s first nominator, has this to say: “Sometimes you just have to believe in yourself. Sometimes you just have to take the negativity in the world and drop it into a deep hole, and when it threatens to return, you shove it back down. And why? Because within each of us is beauty; in each of us is capacity; in each of us is a vision. Nazefah has made space in her life for the positive, for the creative, for the challenging, for the beautiful. She has found in herself a sustaining strength that will say yes to a crazily ambitious project, the mural of the birds on the second floor, and then say yes when the true size of the work becomes clear, and yes when the amount of detail and focus required becomes scary, and yes when you are just not feeling it but there is work to do, and yes when the ending is in sight. And yes, when the job is done. Nazefah has shown us how to take on a big project, how to commit to a big project, and how to complete a big project. It begins with 'Yes'! Learn from Nazefah; you won't find a better teacher.”

And speaking of teaching, hear this, from Ms de Jersey: “Nazefah is lined up as a peer tutor this semester in Mr Chapman’s class. Tutoring is partly knowing content, so her placement in an art class makes perfect sense. Nazefah is an artist. Perhaps more important, though, is character. Beyond teaching art, Nazefah will teach kindness, sensitivity and passion. She will instil in others an appreciation of aesthetics, and support students in their own search for themselves in their art.”

Hear this, from Mr Chapman: "Nazefah has just completed a huge and beautiful mural for Downsview S.S. She started the mural in September, and has since put in too many hours to count. Her creativity and dedication to this process has been inspiring. I have no doubt that she is going to be a force of change and positivity out in the world. Please come by room 201 to see this incredible work by Nazefah!" Mr Pasian confirms that Nazefah is strong beyond the art classroom: “She is determined to do well, she is conscientious, and hard working. She takes on very difficult tasks and she isn't satisfied with just good; for her it must be excellent.”

Finally, hear this, from Candice, our Social Worker: “What stands out: her compassion for others, her strong intuition and sense to feel other’s pain and bravery to put herself out there and help others. I would also like to highlight her resilience to overcome numerous obstacles, her strong sense of independence and autonomy, her strong worth ethic and of course her creativity are also noteworthy.”

Nazefah, Downsview thanks you for your gifts. The year isn’t over yet; we look forward to more. You are a very deserving Student of the Week.