Week 17

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of February 18, 2020

Alec M.


Downsview, for the week of February 18th, your Student of the Week is Alec M.
Alec is in the twelfth grade at Downsview.

Nominations for this award come from DSS staff members. When good deeds, involvement, improvement and strength in character are noticed, students are nominated. In Alec's case, the process was a little different.

Alec was a member of the first semester's Positive Peer Culture class. In this class of empathetic, intelligent students, with its focus on social interaction and communication skills, Alec was a standout. Alec came in knowing few of his new classmates, and left having earned their respect and admiration. Classmates Shevin, Berfin and Meena, in fact, started Alec's nomination. Struck by Alec's maturity, kindness and deep investment in his classmates' well-being, they insisted on this nomination. Classmate Sarah adds these words: “Alec is a bright student and a wonderful friend. He cares deeply about the feelings of others and is always there to lend you a helping hand.” And classmate Ashley has this to say: “Alec is a hard-working and thoughtful person who is devoted to his learning.” Ms de Jersey had the privilege of teaching this impressive group, and she says: “Alec is a delight. There are lots of ways to demonstrate intelligence, and Alec demonstrates many. Emotional Intelligence is certainly a specialty. Alec 'gets' others in a way that doesn't just happen; he has spent time working at deepening his EI, and it has great effect. Alec, I am a fan.”

From Miranda, our Child and Youth Worker: “I’ve recently met Alec and have noticed he is kind- hearted. He has shared his past experiences and taught me about his culture and way of life. Alec has joined me/us in room 129 for lunch on the days I’m here and I’ve picked up that he is humorous, patient, kind and responsible.”

And, from Jodi, our Child and Youth Counsellor: “Alec's thoughtful demeanor creates calm, caring energy in every space I have seen him in. Alec is a beautiful combination of courageous and cautious and knows exactly when to exhibit each of these traits. He exudes strength and perseverance. Alec has shown me exactly what DSS is supposed to be in the short time I have been here. Thank you for being you.”

Alec, it's clear. You are a valued member of the Downsview community. You've got the balance right. With High Honour Roll marks, the respect and admiration of your peers, and the respect and admiration of staff members, you are a role model. Thank you for teaching us, and congratulations on earning Student of the Week honours.