Health & Physical Education @ D.S.S.

Health & Physical Education

Downsview S.S. Health and Physical Education Department

Downsview's Health and Physical Education Department is proud to offer a variety of engaging courses. Students are encouraged to take  PPL and HPE courses which give them an opportunity to participate in a variety of different sports. 

Downsview also offers specialized courses which include PAQ (aquatics), PAF (fitness), PAL (large group activities 'sport focus'), and PSE (exercise science).

Come on down to the gymnasium if you have any questions regarding our courses and one of the Physical Education Staff will be glad to help.

All Ontario HPE courses follow the Ministry of Education Curriculum. 

Curriculum documents are available on the Ministry website - Offerings -


Healthy Active Living

The PPL courses give students an opportunity to participate in and learn about a variety of different healthy active living activities.

PPL101 M/F - Grade 9, Male or Female, Open
PPL2O1 M/F - Grade 10, Male or Female, Open
PPL3O1 M/F - Grade 11, Male or Female, Open
PPL4O1 M/F - Grade 12, Male or Female, Open




Aquatics courses develop students swimming skills,
whether they are learning to swim for the first time, or training for competition.
Aquatics programs also teach basic life-saving skills,
which students will then carry forward throughout their lives.

PAQ2O1 - Grade 10, Co-ed, Open
PAQ3O1 - Grade 11, Co-ed, Open
PAQ4O1 - Grade 12, Co-ed, Open



Fitness and Weight Training

The fitness and weight training courses take place in the 1500sq ft fitness and training facility.
Students are given the chance to learn the safe techniques required to weight train. 
Students are also givien the skills and strategies they need to train towards their goals, whether for personal fitness or for sport and competition.

PAF2O1 - Grade 10, Co-ed, Open
PAF3O1 - Grade 11, Co-ed, Open
PAF4O1 - Grade 12, Co-ed, Open 



Large Group Activities (Sport Focus)

The Large group activities courses offer the students a
chance to participate in team sports with a focus on football and basketball.                 

PAL2O1 - Grade 10, Co-ed, Open
PAL3O1 - Grade 11, Co-ed, Open
PAL4O1 - Grade 12, Co-ed, Open