Week 30

Week 30

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of June 13th, 2022

Hailey E. and Fatima T.

Student of the Week

Downsview, for the week of June 13th, we celebrate two students as Students of the Week. They are Hailey Edwards, of the ninth grade, and Fatima Tahlil of the eleventh grade. 

Usually, when we celebrate two recipients, it is because they are linked in some way. Often, they have participated in the same club or event, and a win together makes sense. In this case, Hailey and Fatima are linked by their fine characters. With only a couple of weeks of school remaining, we needed to ensure that they both had their moment in the spotlight. Both are very worthy recipients.

Let’s hear first about Hailey, from Mr Syal: “I had the pleasure of teaching Hailey last semester. She is a polite and hardworking student. She has a bright future at Downsview and I am looking forward to teaching her for the next three years.”

And, from Mr Lewin: “Hailey Edwards is a caring, reflective and compassionate student scholar who is committed to making the world a better place both now and in the future. She is an honour roll student who has made an invaluable contribution to the Downsview school community both within and outside of the classroom. Keep up the great work, Hailey!  The sky is the limit!”

Hear this, from Ms D’Andrea: “Hailey is in my grade 9 integrated Arts class and she is such a delight to teach. She has a positive attitude and openness for learning new things. Most importantly, she is kind. I am very proud of her hard work and most recently she did a Google Slides presentation on Indigenous Hoop Dance that blew my socks off. I asked her if I can use it as a future exemplar in my course, and she willingly said yes! Way to go Hailey- keep up the great work and I will be cheering you on as you continue to shine at Downsview!”

Ms Susnik notes that “helpful, kind, supportive and driven are all words that come to mind when I think of Hailey.  She is part of my enthusiastic grade nine class and definitely an asset to the class.  Congratulations Hailey on being Student of the Week.”

And, from Mr do Carmo: “Hailey is in my grade 9 tech class, and I'm glad that she is. Hailey has a pleasant personality and always walks into class with a smile. Her work is usually handed in ahead of time and is excellently done. She also takes the time to assist classmates with questions about their assignments. Keep up the good work and great attitude Hailey. Well done.”

Let’s move to co-recipient Fatima Tahlil. Hear this, from Mr Wallace: “Fatima is not someone who promotes herself, and yet she always seems to be at the centre of many things that are good at Downsview. She is a dedicated student in her classes, but it is the way she brings her dedication, insight and kindness to projects outside of class. She was a central part of the success in the Black Brilliance Conferences in December and April. Her clear thinking and enthusiasm, her ability to pivot and troubleshoot all while remaining calm is a model for others. Most of all, though, it is her quiet joy in taking a project and seeing it through that is so inspiring. I look forward to her ongoing impact next year.”

Ms de Jersey adds: “When Student Leaders ran a community roadshow in December, Fatima was involved, but had missed a couple of meetings. She came to me of her own accord, owned it, asked what she could do, and did it. Owning it - that’s Fatima. Incredibly mature, kind and so smart, is Fatima. I am endlessly impressed by this young woman.”

Mr Lewin says: “Fatima Tahlil Is an Outstanding student  and human being. She is currently on the honour roll.  She also played an instrumental role in terms of helping to facilitate this year’s  Black Brilliance Conference.  She also played a leadership role in terms of helping to organize the  2022 African  Heritage Month Assembly. Fatima's career goal is to become a journalist. The Downsview school  community has the utmost confidence that she will achieve her goal and  in the process make a long-lasting difference in the lives of others.”

And finally, hear this from Ms Susnik: “I first met Fatima in Student Council and she made a huge impact on the group and myself.  She contributes in a supportive and kind way to both teachers and students alike!  Congratulations Fatima on winning Student of the Week!”

Fatima and Hailey, congratulations once again. Your involvement and your character have earned you both the title: Student of the Week.