Week 4 - Student of the Week

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
October 16, 2023



Downsview, for the week of October 16th, your Student of the Week is Jaaziel. Jaaziel is in the twelfth grade at Downsview.

Let’s get right to the praise for this wonderful young man, first, from Ms Cimicata: “It’s my pleasure to share a few words on Jaaz.  I have never taught him in my classes but I met Jaaz in the halls and the school volleyball team. Passing Jaaz at least once a day, he is always smiling and expresses a great attitude and good spirit.  He carries a strong positive presence at our school, shows good leadership skills and is a role model around his peers.  He is always willing to help anyone and is great at telling stories.  Congratulations on your Student of the Week win….you deserve it!”

From Mr Wallace: “Jaaziel's style of leadership is as an ally. He walks with you, especially when things are tough. He celebrates with you when things are good. Life has taught him that the good and the bad are always with us. How to live, then? Together is Jaaziel's answer. Community is our strength; our relationships are our strength; what we give each other is our strength. Whether as a leader in Latino Club, a translator for new students, as a co-founder of the Christian Club, as a teammate on the basketball team, or as an ally for so many in informal ways in the class and in the hall, Jaaziel is there. His warm smile makes everyone smile with him. We are lucky to have him among us.”

Hear this, from Ms Vescio: “Well, what can I say about Jaaziel? Apart from being an absolutely wonderful person, he is a great helper, willing to help every time Guidance has asked for his assistance. I have personally called upon him each time I have needed his assistance with newcomer students.  He’s awesome! From what I have seen he’s also a great friend to his fellow classmates and always there for them!
AND he’s a good brother, always there for his siblings.He stands up for what he believes in and stays true to himself.  Has a smile that just puts you in a good mood, always ready with a morning ‘hello!’  We have great talks!  He works hard, both here and at home.  Jaaziel, you are appreciated and I thank you for being one of the coolest students here at Downsview SS that always makes sure to come in and check in on me too! Congratulations on being the Student of the Week!  You deserve it and so much more.Reach for the stars!”

From Silvana: “Jaaziel, this is awesome; you have grown into an amazing leader at the school.  You have embraced your strengths and overcome so many obstacles. You are brave, you are strong, and I’m so proud of the person you have become. Congratulations!”

Mr Hum says: “Although I've never taught Jaaz, I've come to know him through athletics. Jaaz is a confident young man with a great attitude towards everything he does. I always enjoy talking to him because of his cheerful personality. Jaaz lights up the room with his big smile. I hope you continue to bring that positive attitude towards any future aspirations. Congratulations and keep up the great work!”

And, from Ms Forde: “Jaaziel is a prime example of compassionate and dedicated leadership in our school community.  Jaaziel is an honourary Downsview Ambassador!   Jaaziel has taken initiative to organize a host of activities to warmly welcome our newcomer friends.  Jaaziel is often seen guiding newcomer groups to their classes, assisting with translation, and building positive peer support networks.  

Jaaziel is a proud and valued member of our Latino community.   This year, we've seen Jaaziel demonstrate care and commitment by supporting the continued growth of the Latino Club.  Downsview is becoming more inclusive, every day, as a result of Jaaziel's efforts. Jaaziel is a genuinely kind and thoughtful person who represents the best of our Spirit of Downsview!”

Jaaziel, if we were to highlight the key words about you here, we’d see: compassionate, friendly, positive, leader, ally. What more could we ask for? Congratulations, Jaaziel, on earning the title: Student of the Week.