Week 4

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of December 7, 2020

Ashley M.


Downsview, for the week of December 7th, your Student of the week is Ashley M.
Ashley is in the twelfth grade,and she will graduate in June, 2021.

Let’s hear from several of Ashley’s admirers, her teachers, about the reasons for her win. First, from Mr Phillips: “Ashley is an extremely responsible student. She has a strong work ethic and advocates well for herself when she needs extra help in my classes. I know she has a lot of responsibilities outside of school, but she still rises to the challenge of being a grade 12 student. I know that she will be a huge success in anything she puts her mind to. Congrats to Ashely on being Student of the Week!”

Mr Bovey remembers Ashley as a “quietly perceptive, detail-oriented, hard worker. She’s a model student.” Ms de Jersey says: “I know Ashley as a member of Dare 2 Inspire, and as a student in Positive Peer Culture. The tenets of PPC: caring about others and showing it, showing empathy and curiosity about others and always being open to new perspectives are at the core of Ashley’s person. We could all take a page from Ashley’s book - quietly, but eminently capable, mindful of others, and ready to put her intellect into action - Ashley is wonderful.”

And, from Mr Lewin: “Ashley Melgar is a great student with an excellent attitude towards learning .She wants to make a positive difference in the lives of others. She is a polite and caring young woman who is a positive role model for others.  She recently helped to facilitate a successful workshop with her peers in the field of law and mentoring. This was done in collaboration with LAWS in Action- Ashley is a collaborator. Ashley finished up with a 90 plus average in Quad 1. In short, Ashley is committed to achieving excellence in school and in life. Congratulations, Ashley on a job well done!”

Ashley, you have given much to this school in terms of your time with Dare 2 Inspire and loads of Leadership initiatives. We cannot undervalue the time you spend just being you - calmly striving forward and showing others that excellence matters and that excellence is achievable. Thank you, Ashley, and congratulations on your win as Student of the Week.