Week 25

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of April 15, 2019

Lorraine G. & Daniela S.


Downsview, for the week of April 15th, your Students of the Week are Lorraine G. and Daniela S.
Both young women are in the tenth grade and both stand close by as this announcement is being read.

The fact that Lorraine and Daniela are here – right here, right now – is at the core of their nomination. Radio DSS, giving us music and daily announcements, involves several students, but none more consistent than Lorraine and Daniela. Our announcements are the source of much debate among students and staff members. Every so often, we look at timing – when will people hear these best? We strategize, and discuss the value of announcements – do people really listen? Are there other, perhaps more effective ways to communicate information? We look at content – what needs to be announced, and what does not? At the end of the day, though, we know that our PA system brings us together. We are united by the music, the reminders, the laughs, the recognition of sports wins and well-done productions. We all listen together, and it matters. None of this happens without steady, reliable individuals who make this happen.

Ms Polley, who teaches both young women, has this to say: “I am really pleased with the dedication that Daniela and Lorraine have shown in running Radio DSS. They have worked hard to improve their delivery, practicing pronunciation and ensuring that gaps between announcements are shorter. In other words, they take this seriously, and they put effort into doing this right. In class, both young women are engaged, respectful and fun. My class is better for having them there.”

Ms Law says: “Lorraine, a conscientious student with a very mature voice and personality, is very pleasant to teach in my GLE class. She works responsibly and is very willing to help out in class whenever any situation arises.”

Ms Randhawa adds: “Daniela is super-nice, eager to learn and to help others. She goes above and beyond to understand and get work done. I love her positive smile and great attitude.”

And there it is, that line that draws many Students of the Week together – wonderful both inside and outside the classroom. Congratulations, Daniela and congratulations Lorraine, you are very worthy Students of the Week.